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  by MikeF
For those who haven't heard, Phase I of the Randolph Street Station remodeling project is finally complete. This includes an attractive new concourse and waiting area, new ticket windows, heating and air conditioning, and restrooms!

Click here to read about it on Metra's Web site.

  by PRRGuy
Yeah, I found a little brochure on the train about that last night and saw a couple small articles in the newspaper, perhaps I'll take a ride down there over the weekend to take a look around.

  by MikeF
I think I'm going to try to check it out this weekend too. I'll see if I can take some pictures to post here.

  by PRRGuy
Sounds good, I'm hoping to get down there before the snow hits and I'm too tired from working to go take some pictures.

  by Tadman
Bout darn time, after ten years of that dumpy station...

  by JamesT4
Tadman wrote:Bout darn time, after ten years of that dumpy station...
I agree I always hated to go down to that station, and see it all run down.

I had been down there and it looks 200% better then it use to be