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  by Head-end View
I rode PATH today for the first time since April from WTC to Newark. And although we can't see out the front of their full-width cabs, I was able to catch some glimpses of their apparently new signal aspects. Looks like they have adopted the same flashing green as the proceed/cbtc aspect as the NYC Subways. Also, at Journal Square I saw versions of that combined with PATH's traditional route signaling. Red-over-flashing green for "diverging-left" and flashing-green over red for "diverging-right". :-)

Used to be a flashing signal on PATH was a "left-hand repeater signal" but no more I guess.

Seven years after the last PA-4's were retired from passenger service and it still drives me nuts that PATH didn't see the need for a window in the cab-door so passengers and the conductor could see through. :(
  by Jeff Smith
RailwayAge.com: FRA green-lights PATH PTC
The Federal Railroad Administration has certified a system-wide signals upgrade by the Port Authority Trans Hudson (PATH) transit system as meeting all the requirements for Positive Train Control (PTC). The move comes several weeks before the Dec. 31 federal deadline.
PTC is a component of the more extensive system known as Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC), which calculates and communicates a train’s exact position, speed, travel direction and safe braking distance. PATH has already begun installing CBTC to replace its fixed-block system. The transit system, which links Newark to New York City through tunnels under the Hudson River, expects CBTC to allow for more frequent trains and less congestion on station platforms.

The FRA’s blessing follows a 17-week testing period during which PATH closed a series of tunnels and stations on weekends.