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  by GooStats
I was wondering, why does train #3864 skip Hamilton on the NEC?
It is the only train to do so, I was curious for the reason why.
  by trainbrain
Is there an express on the schedule that does stop there pretty close to it?

On the Main/Bergen Line, there is one peak hour local train that skips Ramsey 17, #1158. It makes all other stops from Suffern to Hoboken via the Bergen Line. Train 54 is a Port Jervis Express that runs at a similar time and does stop there, but skips all the other stops between Suffern and Secaucus. They figured no one would take the local with the express right behind it, so it skips the stop that the express stops at.

I'm guessing 3864 is a similar case to 1158 and 54.
  by ThirdRail7
3864 skips Hamilton and Princeton JCT because 4 track is o/o/s for long term construction. That time of days, westbound trains are using 3 and 2 track. Eastbound trains (with few exceptions) are all sharing 1 track. If 3864 made Hamilton and PJC, Amtrak 2170 would close in and catch a delay since it is scheduled to operate on 1 track behind it.
  by GooStats
thank you for the info!
  by ryanov
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