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  by Pensyfan19
Metrolink F59PHs 871, 859, 853, 867, and 872 are now for sale via Ozark Mountain Railcar. I also heard that Metrolink is keeping some of these as yard switchers (Can anyone confirm).

Here is a basic description of the F59PHs via email.
Manufactured by General Motors Electro-Motive Division in 04/1993. Ex Metrolink (SCRRA) 872. Shell only. Not a functional locomotive. No prime mover or head end power engine installed. Equipped with main generator. Equipped with air compressor. Equipped with auxiliary equipment rack (filter housings, water tank, oil cooler). HEP, MU, COMM equipped (not functional). 26LUL brake system. Requires additional mechanical attention to allow interchange.
  by eolesen
Did you miss the part about not having a prime mover or HEP?

If they were worth anything, Metra would have picked them up to join the other F59PH's and PHI's they've acquired in the last couple years.

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  by Pensyfan19
I was aware of that notable point in the description... Makes me wonder what'll happen to them in the future.

Who knows. Maybe a commuter railroad can either give them new motors or make them NPCUs. :wink:
  by Anthony
Maybe Metra will buy more of these locomotives.
  by Backshophoss
They are only good for part supplies,at best,missing prime mover and gen-set engines(HEP),worth more as scrap
  by R36 Combine Coach
GO Transit might also be interested in shells or parts, with a few F59s still on the roster.
  by pdtrains
Im surprised Metrolink is trying to sell these thru Ozark Mtn Railcar. They are generally a dealer for functional cars and engines. These seem like the kind of thing ud find at an auction. Most likely would be SFS, or as a parts supply.
  by eolesen
I've seen lots of parts donors on Ozark over the years... it's a fairly low cost consignment option if you're not in a hurry to dispose of something.
  by electricron
Would it cost a lot of money to turn there motor less locomotives into unpowered cabs?
  by eolesen
Assuming the control stands and wiring are still in place, you'd need to add some ballast to make it ride correctly, and the traction motors would have to come off.

Bigger question is why would you want to haul around another 200,000 lbs of metal versus using a cab car? Yeah, it's a low up-front cost but you'd be adding to your operating costs...
  by tominboise
They could be converted to cab units and add a large battery array and control system in place of the primer mover and HEP. Use the battery to supply HEP in the stations and on layover. Charge via plug in and regen on braking. Could also add tractive effort with the right conversion, to be used for acceleration or perhaps in quiet zones or in stations. Progress Rail could use their new Joule locomotive battery arrays, control system, etc.

Just a thought.