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  by mountie17
On Metrolink's F59PHI's where are the 2 chime P2's located? I know they are mounted under the frame (possibly towards the pilot?), but where exactly? I ask this because I am in the process of detailing an Athearn F59, but have been unable to find pictures or any info on the horns. If anyone has some info or has pictures this would help very much.
  by coasterengineer
Horns on all Metrolink cab cars and locomotives are located in a box behind the pilot on the Engineers side next to the sill step, the box is padlocked and the horns are inside this locked box that has a screened area to let the sound out. Also horns are still located on the roof and just need to be cut in to be used most of these are K5LA's
  by mountie17
Thanks coasterengineer, interesting, I did not know that they were padlocked.