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  by sullivan1985
The string of old Comet IA's in Port Jervis are in really bad shape. I know they are retired, and mostly going to the scrapper, but its a shame to see them rotting away on the grown siding in the back woods of Port Jervis.

All the windows have been smashed out, seets have been set on fire and thrown out the side of the train, and the most ignoramt graffiti you can think of is all over the interior of the coaches.

It really is a shame...

  by KFRG
I thought MN only used CometII's, and those de-motored ArrowI's (CometIB's?) for WOH services.
Anyway, any pics?


  by 7 Train
The Comet I-A's are push-pull coaches built by GE from Budd Arrow III shells in 1978. The Comet IB was built as the Arrow I in 1968-69 by St. Louis and converted to push-pull by Morrison-Knudsen 1987-89.