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  by Sean W.
Hi guys:

I just got a new digital camcorder and I was in the Metro-North RR area for a couple of weeks. The Fl-9s seem to be almost gone, but I did get one video of an apparent non-revenue movement of coaches being pushed really fast by an FL9 through Fairfield.

See it here. My video is in Mpeg 4/asf format.

I have a whole bunch of other videos and pics but I'll need to find space for them first maybe a week or two. Watch this space.

  by mncommuter
Nice video, Sean.

  by Otto Vondrak
I cant read it- what file format is it?

  by roee
Otto Vondrak wrote:I cant read it- what file format is it?

Going to take a guess, Mpeg4/asf
Sean W. wrote:My video is in Mpeg 4/asf format.
Worked fine for me. Intresting video. Would love to see some more.

  by mncommuter
Otto, if you have a Mac, you might not be able to play it.
I believe .asf is a Microsoft format....

... although, I found this that might work for you.

http://www.microsoft.com/windows/window ... fault.aspx

  by Otto Vondrak


  by D429 Renown
Here (1.53MB) something I recorded of an F unit last month. At Merritt 7 on 23 June train was 1716 xStamford to Danbury.

And here (1.16MB) something that sounds almost like an F unit but is Irish.
187 departs empty stock in the sidings at Rosslare Europort after working a train from Limerick in 2002. These loco’s no longer work these trains as they are now DMU’s.


  by Otto Vondrak
Very nice clips, Nick. Thanks for sharing!


  by mncommuter
Oh, how I miss those sounds on the Hudson line