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  by Acela82
I just got 3 Walthers Metro North Comet II Car Models. The have the "old" "Metro North Commuter Railroad" markings with the big "M", but no MTA logo. When did Metro North introduce the new markings with MTA logo and "Metro North Railroad" Name.

Are there also some cars with the old markings in use?

Thanks, Michael

  by KFRG
Hello Michael,
The MTA "Pac-Man" logo and "Metro-North RR" name was introduced in the mid '90's, im gonna say around '96, but was not widespread until the later '90's. There are still equipment on MNCR that wears the older "M" MNCR logo. The RR itself is still offically the Metro North Commuter RR.
BTW, are the Walthers cars modeled after the "East of Hudson" (Shoreliner, MN) car's, or the "West of Hudson" (Comet, NJT-type) car's?


  by 7 Train
The Pac-Man style began being commonplace circa 1998. The new MTA "pac-man" logo was introduced around 1994, around when the name was shortened to "Metro-North Railroad". "Pac-Man" did not appear until 1995-96.

  by Acela82
The Walthers Cars are Comet II´s. Thanks for you answers...