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  by E Runs
Chicago Tribune:

New Jersey Transit riders love the new "Quiet Commute" coaches — two cars per train on select routes reserved for those who agree to mute cell phones, tone down iPods and other gadgets and keep conversations subdued.

A great idea for Chicagoland riders, too?

No, says Metra, which has no plans to try something similar for all those in search of a little peace and quiet...
  by Passenger
My guess as to why is the problem of enforcement.
  by AMTKHawkeye
In addition to enforcement, accessibility issues are likely a factor as well. Not all of Metra's coaches are ADA accessible, and any "feature car" (as a quiet car would be) would have to be fully accessible.

Yes, each Metra train has at least one accessible coach, but placement of the car is a factor that is pre-planned so that passengers needing it will know to wait at the right spot on their station's platform. A quiet car, likewise, would need to be in a pre-planned location within the train, and fully accessible. Could the two be the same car? No, because a passenger requiring the accessibility might prefer to be able to make phone calls, etc.

So two accessible cars per train, having to be located in the same spot on each consist. This would require additional switching work in the coach yards and likely some equipment redistribution. It could be done, but it seems that Metra has determined it to be more trouble than it's worth.
  by Passenger
I'm guessing the New Jersey Transit cars are all high platform and accessible?
  by oknazevad
Yep, all NJT cars are high platform compatible.