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  by lstone19
I rode the Metra MD-W into the city this week for the first time in several months and was disappointed to see that the four sets of ex-Pennsy (due to the Panhandle heritage of the line) position light signals between Western Ave. (A-2) and CUS have been replaced with color light signals. The four were EB at the mid-A-2 signals and at the Morgan home signals and WB at A-2 home and A-2 mid signals (A-2 is a split interlocking with an additional set of home signals on the Milwaukee District tracks at the middle - this separates the crossovers in the eastern part of the interlocking from the UP diamonds and slip switches in the western half). More boring signals and no reason to sit on the left inbound anymore.
  by Engineer Spike
CP has been modernizing signals elsewhere. This was explained to me to be due to the old relay logic not being compatible with PTC.