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  by Narrowgauger
Its simple...the T has a bottomless pit of money....the taxpayers
  by troffey
I can't read the article, but is that based on problems at Mass Coastal or with the IPH mothership?
  by Safetee
mc is in ips stew for better or worse because the majority ownership of mc is in ips hands. ip owes millions of dollars from elves to banks to the irs. all those folks lacking payment from ip are seeking to get repaid in cash which ip doesnt appear to have a lot of. so, then folks start looking at assets. in the mcs case their longtime president and part owner wants to buy the mc from ip . i am unclear whether ip or the creditors or a court would be the ones setting a selling price. one way or t'other the price asked will probably be closer to the perceived needs to repay the creditors than any desire to free mc from the ip soup.
  by R&PEditor
Any line slower than the Green Line would have to have trains running backwards. :wink:
johnpbarlow wrote: Mon Dec 09, 2019 6:26 am Perhaps this is an irrelevant response but Grafton and Upton has been acquiring many used ties that I believe come from various MBTA track renewal projects. There is a stack of experienced ties in Milford that have the rail-clip compatible tie plates bolted on to the tie suggesting to me they were previously used on the Green Line. Wonder why MassDOT doesn't re-use ties of this ilk on the lower speed secondary lines?
  by PBMcGinnis
Rumor is Mass Coastal might attempt to buy itself out from receivership and operate as a new, separate identity, free of the Iowa Pacific fiasco.
  by Falmouth Secondary to Otis
Was reading MassDOT bids and see that 22 RR Crossings are up for rehabilitation on the Cape main, South Dennis secondary, Falmouth secondary, Framingham & Middleboro lines in 2020. Looks like they are trying to catch up as all the Cape crossings were out on bid & scheduled for rehab last year, but didn't get done for some reason.

https://www.commbuys.com/bso/external/b ... entUrl=bid
  by Falmouth Secondary to Otis
Looks like someone was looking to derail Mass Coastal in Buzzards Bay with concrete blocks placed on the tracks, fortunately that idea failed as it's a low speed zone approaching the bridge and the Engineer was able to stop.

https://www.capenews.net/bourne/news/co ... 17d82.html
  by BandA
Hope they catch the culprits as that isn't funny. These could have been rolled by a couple of people. Are there not security cameras in that area?
  by Falmouth Secondary to Otis
Falmouth Secondary to Otis wrote: Sun Dec 08, 2019 5:27 pm Was reading Mass DOT bids and see that up to 25,000 ties are out for bid to purchase for use in Rochester, Bourne, Sandwich / Barnstable and Sheffield. Read bid details section RFR Tie updated calendar.pdf page 6 for further info. No details as to where in Bourne though, but the Falmouth Secondary line and Otis Industrial track certainly need numerous tie replacements.

https://www.commbuys.com/bso/external/b ... entUrl=bid
I see that MassDOT bids are out for where those 25,000 RR ties are to be installed as they are for the Falmouth Secondary , Cape Main and the Middleboro Subdivision. Read file attachments on link for details

https://www.commbuys.com/bso/external/b ... entUrl=bid
  by Backshophoss
Has Mass Coastal broken away from IP ?
IP is in bankruptcy proceedings,forced by the loan backers (trustees)
IP website has been taken down.
  by Falmouth Secondary to Otis
Noticed today on the Falmouth Secondary line that ties to be replaced are being marked for the upcoming MassDOT tie replacement project. Would expect to see tie's being delivered in the near future at there staging sites along the line.
  by Falmouth Secondary to Otis
MassDOT has issued new bids for a big Cape project, the Hyannis Yard North end switch install & track realignment project to complete the previous work done on the south end.

https://www.commbuys.com/bso/external/b ... entUrl=bid
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  by Backshophoss
Has Mass Coastal broken away from IP?? Or did the "trustees" prevent the breakaway?
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