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  by timberley
I was wondering,

Does anyone have or know where I can find any pictures of the inside of an LRC locomotive cab?? I know that VIA used to have this one picture, which was on the little paper folders they used to put tickets in, but it wasn't that big, or that great of an angle.

I've tried hard to find one, but I just can't. I was hoping one of you out there could help.

  by viahogger
Here's a couple of shot's of the interior of an LRC. These were taken at the TMC in Toronto, the units are now in very rough shape. Sorry for the poor quality of the photo's they were taken on a cell phone. I beleive these 3 are now on the West end of the TMC.

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  by timberley
Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for!

If anyone else can find any others, please do post as well (the more the merrier, eh?). How is it that these locos managed to evade the camera, at least on the inside anyways??
  by jp1822
I thought all these LRC power units were sent off for scrapping. Obviously VIA kept a couple around for some reason....
  by timberley
Nope, not scrapped. Some were, but some have been kept in storage, the exact motives again, I don't know. There is one preserved on display at EXPO Rail in Montreal, I know for sure. I know as well that IRSI Moncton had quite a few of them in storage, at least up until 2004, but I suspect those have been scrapped.

CAD Railway Services, who are doing the F40 rebuild project, has LRC #6918 stripped down mostly to it's chassis, and are using it as a test-bed loco. I don't know though if they, or IRSI have any plans to rebuild any LRC's for service. I think it would be awfully nice to see one or two fixed up again and used somewhere...I don't know what customers they'd have though....
  by oleanfuzz
Rebuild the remaining as APCU-Baggage cars, so that the P42's can put their full horsepower into traction, and eliminate having to wye trains when it isn't necessary.
  by timberley
That seems like a good idea actually. I'd love to see them back on VIA, even if there's no Alco signature smoke pouring out the top!
I do think though that someone would have to do the rebuild, and try to then sell it back to VIA, since I can't see VIA choosing to do it themselves any time soon.
  by timberley
I can't say for sure how reliable this information is, but I was informed that the LRC's that had been stored at IRSI in Moncton were just parted out and scrapped this year. IRSI was attempting to find someone who would buy a fully rebuilt and refurbished LRC, but, finding noone, they gave up their search and parted out this year.
  by espeefoamer
Have any LRC loocos been preserved?
  by timberley
One at least has been preserved. LRC #6921 is preserved and on display at Exporail (Canada's Railway Museum) outside of Montreal.

Here's a link to their site: http://www.exporail.org/public/index_flash.asp

The locomotive is on static display but is still functional. Jason Shron, of model railroad manufacturer Rapido Trains, recently had that locomotive repaired and powered up so he could record fully accurate sounds for their upcoming LRC model.

Here's a link to a shot of the loco at Exporail: http://www.barraclou.com/rail/exporail/via6921.jpg
  by Tadman
That's pretty pricey to get the right sound. Doesn't an LRC share the 244 or 251 with many other locomotives that could be recorded?
  by buddah
Tadman wrote:That's pretty pricey to get the right sound. Doesn't an LRC share the 244 or 251 with many other locomotives that could be recorded?
There very similar in sound from what Ive been told as well, but Tadman I know Jason personally and similar just does not cut it with him. The mans a perfectionist when it comes to his models. In closing "anything but the LRCs original sounds for Jason, just wont fly. "