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  by Ken V
gaspeamtrak wrote:I know this is kind of off topic but here is my question?
The second youtube video you have here shows train #68 with Renaissance cars.
I thought that only train #52 which becomes train #67 and train #53 which becomes train #66 had Renaissance cars?
Was train #68 just a fluke that it had Renaissance cars or is this a regular consist?
If so,from what i can figure out in the schedule would train #61 have Renaissance cars and come back as train #68?
You're right that trains 52, 53, 66, and 67 are the ones that have regular Renaissance consists and 52 becomes 67 and 53 becomes 66 (and it's off topic). However, train 61 does not come back as 68 but rather continues on to Niagara Falls as 95 while 68 originates from the TMC often using the same train set as that morning's 86. I'm guessing the video was really of VIA #66 and not #68 although it's possible equipment trouble caused 66 to use a different consist that day.

Postsctipt Oct 23 08:29 pm EDT: Well, wouldn't you know it? Shortly after posting the above I went out to watch VIA train #68 go by near my home and guess what? There it went, right on time, with a P42 and seven Renaissance cars.
  by Montrealrail
For the renaissance consist,it's always depending of the day,tha time I get Renaissance cars,and 2 days later,LRC car,and once more I went there,it was back in renaissance..

At midnight,when the 68 comming back in Montreal,I use to get always diffrent kind of cars,Renaissance,LRC and Budds..

And last time I get the 68,I get a surprise..just at the end of the train,first time I see that..

And some good recent shots..

But,I do not take another Megabus..