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  by Jeff Smith
https://amp.theguardian.com/culture/202 ... et-station
Griff Rhys Jones is leading a coalition of conservationists against what he describes as plans to “smother” Liverpool Street station under 109 metres (350ft) of new offices, shops and a hotel.

The comedian, writer and broadcaster has been appointed president of the revived Liverpool Street Station Campaign (Lissca), a post held in the 1970s by the then poet laureate Sir John Betjeman when he led a successful crusade against plans to demolish the station.

The developers, including Network Rail and Sellar – which were both behind London’s Shard, say the scheme will protect and showcase the Grade II-listed station and Grade II*-listed former Great Eastern hotel next door.

Rhys Jones, however, said this was “nonsense”. Speaking from the hotel, he said: “They can’t enhance this environment by sticking a giant hat straight on top of it. It’s like putting a giant clown’s hat on top of St Paul’s Cathedral.”
  by ExCon90
What's not immediately apparent from the newspaper account is that Liverpool Street Station is in London; when built it was the flagship London terminus of the Great Eastern Railway (later part of the London & North Eastern until nationalization in 1948), now serving a large area northeast of London, including a dense commuter service. The interior (headhouse, tracks, and platforms) was magnificently restored not long ago. (I presume the paper didn't mention that it's in London for the same reason that news stories about Grand Central don't find it necessary to mention that it's In New York -- wasn't there an attempt about 50 years ago to do something similar atop GCT?)