Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by Head-end View
Listening to LIRR Channel-2, there seems to be a lot of problems with this new system. I hear engineers calling in malfunctions to 204 a lot and 204 giving permission to cut out ACSES. And I heard one frustrated 204-dispatcher telling an engineer that they need to document these incidents in the hopes that it will start getting fixed........... Can anyone tell us what sort of problems they're having?

Also, am I correct to assume that when ACSES is cut out that LIRR's conventional ASC or ATC is still in operation protecting train movements?
  by RestrictOnTheHanger
Another question. Does PTC allow trains to close in on each other closely within interlockings and station platforms like ASC did? As in a train is stopped at a station (Huntington, Babylon, Jamaica, etc) and its follower pulls up behind it at restricted speed. Then as the first train starts to pull out the follower also starts moving. I havent seen that at Huntington the few times I was there after PTC was turned on
  by Head-end View
An educated guess; I would assume that it can still be done. When a train pulls up close to the one in front of it, it's operating on a restricting signal or on a stop-and-proceed at restricted speed signal. PTC should permit the same movements on those same signal indications. At least that's my logical assumption........
  by ExCon90
As PTC is still fairly new, could there be some hesitancy on the part of engineers which would prompt them to think "I'm not sure -- better not risk moving, don't need any more hassles"?
  by edflyerssn007
Is this system the same system that Amtrak uses on the rest of the NEC?