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  by Gilbert B Norman
My point, Mr. Smith, is that the LA Metro Rail system could be overlaid atop a map of the PE.

I can recall during 1962, the PE terminal in Downtown LA, on 5th St IIRC, had been converted to a Greyhound station (remember; SP owned a piece of Greyhound). It seemed as if there were planks atop the tracks, but the platform shelters were still there.
  by ExCon90
Ryand-Smith wrote: Isn't the Expo successor line to the old Pacific coast line?
The present line, from the point where it turns right from alongside the Harbor Freeway to Santa Monica, mostly follows the alignment of the Pacific Electric's Santa Monica Air Line, a very eccentric curiosity for many years. As early as the 1940's it was down to one trip a day (M-F, inbound AM, outbound PM), which PE tried for many years to abandon (I forget just when they finally succeeded, possibly the late -50's; the primary rail service to Santa Monica was provided on 20-minute headways all day by PE's Venice Short line, mostly in center reservation on Venice Blvd.). As to Mr. Norman's comments above, there is a striking correlation between LA Metro/Metrolink and the old PE; the Blue Line is PE's Long Beach Line; the Red Line essentially duplicates PE's San Fernando Valley Line (albeit in subway) as far as North Hollywood, as does the Orange Line (busway) westward from there; the Green Line is in the median of a freeway which takes a little diagonal dogleg southeast of LAX which occupies a little bit of PE's Santa Ana Line. The Gold Line follows the route of the Super Chief through Pasadena as far as Azusa. Interesting how LA got rid of so much they have since had to restore. As a side note, the old Subway Terminal, now about the only building still standing on Hill St. between 4th and 5th, has been converted to some very upscale rental apartments, with an impressive lobby featuring some PE memorabilia; they make a big selling point of the building's history. In fact, I think the building is still called Subway Terminal, with the original name carved in stone on the front.
  by Jeff Smith
I retitled the thread; I'm open to suggestions.

Project Site: https://www.metro.net/projects/crenshaw_corridor/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crenshaw/LAX_Line" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

News: http://www.progressiverailroading.com/p ... ion--50525" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) has committed $1.6 billion toward the second phase of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority's (Metro) Purple Line extension, the agency announced yesterday.
The second phase calls for building 2.6 miles of subway primarily below Wilshire Boulevard to connect downtown L.A. and the city's Westwood neighborhood.
Pre-construction activities for the second phase of the extension are underway, with major construction slated to begin in 2018.

Completion of this phase is anticipated no later than 2026 per the FTA full funding grant agreement. Metro is aiming to finish the project earlier than that, agency officials said.
Media soure: LA Metro
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  by lpetrich
Proposed thread title: LA Subway and Light Rail
Because trying to list specific projects makes it long

That aside, I've found news: New video: Regional Connector’s tunneling machine arrives at 1st/Central station | The Source (2016 Dec 29). Angeli the TBM will be digging one of the tunnels westward then southward from Little Tokyo over the next 6 months. The TBM will then turn around and return, digging the second tunnel northward then eastward. The stations, however, will be dug in cut-and-cover fashion.

The Crenshaw/LAX line also has a TBM:
Crenshaw/LAX Line’s TBM is named ‘Harriet’ | The Source -- after escaped slave, antislavery activist, and early feminist activist Harriet Tubman.
Crenshaw/LAX’s tunnel boring machine Harriet begins tunneling | The Source -- (2016 Apr 29) predicting that the tunneling should take about 15 months.

Fresh pics! Crenshaw/LAX Line work | The Source (2016 Dec 9)
Harriet Begins Excavating Northbound Tunnel for Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project

The Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project has reached 53 percent completion, according to Project Director Charles Beauvoir. The projected opening date for the $2.058-billion, 8.5-mile line with eight new stations has been set for October 2019.

In the meantime, Harriet the tunnel boring machine has resumed excavation of the second of the twin tunnels for the underground segment at the northern end of the project. The second tunnel will house the northbound tracks with excavation expected to be complete in spring 2017.

Harriet finished the southbound tunnel on Oct. 20 when she arrived at the Leimert Park Station box.
New LATTC student flyover animation of Crenshaw/LAX Line! | The Source

Two years of Business Solution Center support on the Crenshaw/LAX Corridor | The Source (2017 Jan 5)
Established by Metro in late 2014, the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project Pilot Business Solution Center (BSC) provides hands-on assistance to small businesses along the Crenshaw corridor during construction. The BSC has helped more than 300 businesses since its opening.
Thus addressing a common problem of urban-rail construction.
  by lpetrich
Tunneling machines for Purple Line Extension under construction in Germany | The Source -- they will be delivered fall 2017 and lowered into place in 2018 at Wilshire / LaBrea, in the middle of the extension. They will then spend the next 22 months digging the Purple Line's tunnels.

New pics: Regional Connector progress on Bunker Hill and in Financial District | The Source -- its TBM Angeli is now in action. Their plan is now to do both tunnels westward, then southward, taking Angeli back to Little Tokyo for the second tunnel.

Fresh renderings: transit station that will serve LAX and new people mover | The Source -- the airport light-rail system that should be built by 2023. The line will go east-west through the airport, with elevated passenger walkways to connect to the terminals.

Which route should the West Santa Ana Branch project take into DTLA? | The Source (Downtown Los Angeles) They have settled on a route between Artesia and Florence / Salt Lake, and they are considering four possible routes north of that to Union Station.

Crenshaw/LAX Line’s tunnel boring machine officially retired (and other pics from project!) | The Source -- also showing the building of a grade crossing by putting precast panels into place. There is also a wye at where the Crenshaw/LAX line meets the Green Line.
  by lpetrich
Jeff Smith's link titled: $2 Billion Rail Line Under LA Will Lead Right To Airport « CBS Los Angeles -- that's the Crenshaw-LAX line.

I checked on The Source | Metro News & Reviews and I found a lot of updates.

Tunnel boring machine finishes its work on first of two twin tunnels for Regional Connector | The Source -- 4th+Flower to 7th+Flower will be dug by cut-and-cover instead, because of the large buildings and foundations in the area. New video: time-lapse of digging of first Regional Connector tunnel | The Source, New pics: with digging done on first tunnel, TBM parts moved back to Little Tokyo | The Source So it can dig the second tunnel. Fresh pics: final pieces of tunneling machine for Regional Connector retrieved in downtown L.A. | The Source

New video: building the Gold Line extension to Claremont | The Source -- it will require moving some of the Metrolink San Bernardino Line southward to make room for the light-rail tracks. Groundbreaking should be late this year, major construction should start around 2020, and it should be done in 2026 -- 9 years from now.

Crowdsourced Q&A: Section 1 Purple Line tunnel boring machines | The Source -- the TBM's should arrive in LA by the end of this year. Fresh pics: what’s happening at Purple Line Extension’s Wilshire/La Brea Station | The Source So they are already working on the stations there.
  by lpetrich
Regional Connector makes progress in 2017; what to expect in the next year | The Source
Tunneling is almost complete, and it should be finished in a few months.

The Bunker Hill station is now excavated and the Historic Broadway soon will be. They will soon get big concrete pours for their floors and walls.

Flower St. now has temporary decking near the existing 7th and Flower station for building the connection to that station.

71-day closure of five Green Line stations begins Jan. 26 to connect Crenshaw/LAX Line to Green Line | The Source -- also Fresh pics: recent work on the Crenshaw/LAX Line | The Source -- stating that this line should open in fall of 2019.

Foothill Gold Line -- they've done groundbreaking.

Purple Line Extension tunneling machines arrive in So Cal and polls open for art and naming contest | The Source and Purple Line Extension Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) | Meet the Twins -- there will be two of them. They will start in Wilshire/La Brea, go east to Wilshire/Western, be returned to Wilshire/La Brea, and then go west to Wilshire/La Cienega. They should start work this summer.
  by lpetrich
Update on construction progress for the Purple Line Extension | The Source
The extension's phases have these lengths and numbers of stations:
  1. La Cienega: 3.92 mi, 3 stations
  2. Century City: 2.59 mi, 2 stations
  3. Westwood: 2.59 mi, 2 stations

Construction should start before long on the second phase, the phase to Century City. They are still trying to get $1.3 billion for the third phase. However, utility relocation is now being done for both phases.

The builders of the LaBrea station are now building its floor. Excavation of Fairfax should be finished by this fall, and for La Cienega, the temporary decking is now in place.

Update on Green Line South Bay extension to Torrance | The Source -- this southeastward extension from Redondo Beach is in planning, and they are now considering two alternative routes: one along the existing railroad line, and one that mostly runs in Hawthorne Blvd.

Reminder: 71-day closure of five Green Line stations begins Jan. 26 | The Source -- for Crenshaw-LAX construction, including connection to the Green Line.

Comment period opens on revised subway portal and turnback facility project | The Source Subway capacity project coming soon | The Source -- for an improved yard and tailtracks for the Red Line in downtown LA.
  by lpetrich
Green Line connection to Crenshaw/LAX Line making progress | The Source -- complete with switches and crossovers.

New northern routes to be studied for Artesia to downtown L.A. light rail project | The Source -- still in a planning stage. They have decided on a route south of Pacific and Randolph, but they are still working on the part north of that intersection.

Groundbreaking held for Purple Line Extension’s 2nd phase to downtown Beverly Hills and Century City | The Source
  by lpetrich
The southern end of the Blue Line was partially shut down on January 26 for four months of improvements. Southern end meaning south of the Green Line. After that, the northern end will be shut down, the part north of the Green Line.
New Blue Improvements Project
The pleasant surprises (and many frustrations) with Metro’s temporary shuttles as Blue Line closure begins • Long Beach Post
Blue Line closure: Live blog - Curbed LA

Crenshaw/LAX Line opening likely to be in mid-2020, Metro announces | The Source
Metro’s Crenshaw/LAX Line opening delayed to 2020 - Curbed LA

L.A. Regional Connector is Halfway There (last July) Both tunnels are now done.
Regional Connector Transit Project - still expected to open in 2021
A whale of a find in downtown Los Angeles at the Regional Connector project | The Source - a vertebra of a whale that lived some 10 - 15 million years ago.

TBMs Begin Boring Twin Tunnels on Los Angeles Purple Line Extension | 2018-10-31 | Engineering News-Record (three months ago)
The two TBM's will spend the next two years boring the two tunnels. They will start at Wilshire/LaBrea and tunnel east to the existing line. They will then be disassembled and reassembled at Wilshire/LaBrea again, and they will then tunnel west to La Cienega at Beverly Hills. By then, the second part of the extension may be ready for tunneling, and maybe also the third part.
  by lpetrich
West Santa Ana Branch Transit Corridor to Artesia
Community meetings begin later this month for Artesia-to-DTLA light rail project | The Source -- they've decided on all but the downtown routing, and they wish to decide whether to end at Union Station or 7th & Metro.

Sepulveda Transit Corridor Project
Metro rail line could ferry riders through Sepulveda Pass in 15 minutes - Curbed LA
Three heavy-rail alternatives and one monorail one. The heavy-rail ones would start at the Expo and Purple Lines and go north and end at Van Nuys.

Here are the four new refined concepts for Sepulveda Transit Corridor | The Source describes those alternatives, and also a proposed light-rail line north from Van Nuys to San Fernando.

Crenshaw Northern Extension Four of the five extension possibilities will go northwestward, intersect with the Purple Line, then go northeastward to Hollywood/Highland on the Red Line. The fifth one will go northeast to Wilshire/Vermont on both lines.
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