• Is Secaucus Transfer a success ?

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Is Secaucus Transfer a Success ?

No net improvement
Too early to tell
  by BlockLine_4111
Polling on Secaucus Transfer
  by Pensyfan19
I say yes! What do you guys think nowadays?
  by Roadgeek Adam
What is your standard?

If it's based on the concept of making NYC more convenient for those on the Hoboken Division? It does succeed. There's been lots of use. I used it many times.

If it's based on the concept of becoming the hub of a future expansion of service throughout New Jersey? No. It's still a long way away. Probably decades.

Any trip that goes through Secaucus rather than having to go to Hoboken makes it much much stronger. The idea of having to go from Edison or Montclair Heights to Campbell Hall (a trip I made multiple times from both) is so much easier with Secaucus. The amount of transfers were easier. The idea of Edison to Newark Penn to Newark Broad Street to Hoboken to Campbell Hall is insane (or the use of other rail systems). Edison to Secaucus to Campbell Hall, much easier.

So yes, I call it a success.
  by CNJGeep
It's only been 16 years, let's give it some time.
  by cle
It seems busy enough, and the TOD apartments surely help (as might Meadowlands/American Dream lol - if that ever comes to life) - but until the Portals, or services c an increase from Hoboken due to newer, better equipment, I can't see it being a massive hub yet. Services are too infrequent across the network for it to be a transit/turn up and go type location.

7/L train, or a PATH spur would make a big difference too, but I'd say possibility is basically nil.
  by CentralValleyRail
It has served its purpose, even if the Secaucus Loop was created tomorrow. 17 years of moving North Jersey faster into Midtown Manhattan, and plenty of new found reverse commuting . Millions upon millions of minutes saved, well worth the cost. They could've made it into so much more but if people remember the original plans it was only meant to be used as a transfer. They certainly could've created a hub around it but chose not too...
  by Hawaiitiki
It is too complicated to be a binary success/fail.
Success Part:
One transfer access to Midtown for Hoboken Division, without needing PATH
Brought together all heavy-rail lines of NJT, aside from ACL
Spurred some development in the area
Provides jumping off point to Meadowlands Events

Failure Part:
Anybody remember the skyscrapers that were supposed to be built above it during the original construction?
An incredible amount of unused space
Would lose functionality if a Bergen Loop is built
Slowed down overall speeds on both Hoboken and Newark Divisions.
Retail and Restaurant "scene" bare essentials at best
Wifi non-existent and Cell Phone service very poor in many areas of a "modern" station
  by GSC
With little if any NJCL service to and from Hoboken, is it possible to get to Hoboken through Secaucus? How would one transfer? Does it involve different floors? Are there enough connecting trains to make this possible? I don't seem to be able to find any useful info on how Secaucus Transfer works. Or should I just use PATH from Newark Penn to Hoboken?
  by bellstbarn
I explored Secaucus only once or twice. My impression was too much walking, especially as there could have been stairways directly down from the Penn Station tracks to the Hoboken routes. Instead, they make you go up to go up to turnstiles to go down to tracks.
  by R36 Combine Coach
GSC wrote: Sun Jul 19, 2020 8:44 am With little if any NJCL service to and from Hoboken, is it possible to get to Hoboken through Secaucus?
It's a higher fare than via Waterfront (direct service) and requires passing through the gates and retaining tickets
for the connecting Main/Bergen/Pascack Valley train.

The higher "via SEC" fare was waived during major construction projects, which led to limited waterfront through service.