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  by tytrain
A few months ago, I was on a northbound Red Line waiting for a platform at Howard. As we stopped south of the station, the automated announcement began to play. I thought nothing of it until it got to the end:
Attention passengers. We are stopped momentarily due to a raised bridge ahead. We expect to be moving shortly.
Apparently the modernization project got a little out of control! ;)

Anyone else have any amusing automated slip-up stories?
  by orangeline
This isn't on CTA but station announcements at the LaGrange Road Metra station.

Quite often during rush hour, an express will zoom through with an announcement about 5 seconds later that the next train through the station will be an express and not stop there. It would be more informative if the announcement was actually completed 5 or 10 seconds before the express passed!
  by Tadman
I ride fairly often and sometimes the system gets confused and calls Sedgewick or Armitage wrong.