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  by metra 613
Hello everone i saw 401 and it has a name on it.The name is Oilver 'ollie' Tibbles.How long has it had that name on it?

  by bones
Less than a week.

  by AmtrakFan
May I ask who is Oliver Tibbs?

  by burlington nothern 9903
HUH i wonder if metra has decided to go ahead and start naming the mp36s again. Maybe 407-the villiage of westmont 406-The villiage of Napperville 404-The Villiage of Hinsdale got my drift because it seams like once they got ride of the E8's all of the names on the side of them never made back onto a new locomotive.

  by MetraRy
i can honostly say that i have no clue who oliver tibbs. it would be nice if metra put names on the mp36. Its a tradition

  by c604.
Guys this was a special exception. They had this on the news so its okay to say on here too. That's the name of a young boy who had a terminal illness and I think has since passed away. His dream was to ride in the cab of a Metra locomotive, and with the help of *I think the organization was* Make A Wish Foundation he was able to ride in a locomotive, the unit being 401. Not long after his ride (from what I heard) he passed away. Metra named the locomotive in his honor including a small ceremony recently. All in all a very nice heartwarming story.

  by MetraRy
that is pretty nice. the family has a roling memrorial to him.

  by AMTK84
From my source at the top:

This yung kid fell in love with 401, because it was the first MP36 in the order. He got a cab ride in 401 between Chicago and Downers Grove, no idea when but I think that is part of the reason 401 went to BN so early.

  by metraRI
The Chicago Tribune has an article on Ollie Tibbles and 401. 401 will run today on 5:04 train, making its "inaugural run".


The whole article can be read online (registration might be required) at http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/loca ... 1924.story

  by MetraBNSF
I will be on the 5:04 (BNSF train #1259) this afternoon. Should be a very special run.

  by Joe
I will be at Main Street waiting for the train. There are already 2 news vans waiting in the kiss-n-ride with their cameras up.

  by metra 613
I dont know why the news think its going to last 30 to 50 years for.

  by MetraRy
the unit will mostlikely be around for atleast a good 30 years. But, fifty is being a little to optimistic. This is a real nice story and it shows people do care

  by MetraBNSF
It was a very special ride indeed. When I first arrived at Union Station, I saw Judy Pardonnet (Metra Spokeswoman) and several other people gathered outside of track 10. At the end of the platform were some photographers getting pics of 401. As we were out of Union Station, the conductor made an announcement that the train was being pulled by 401, named after Oliver Tibbles, and that there is media present at the Downers Grove station and there would be a short delay.

There were people standing at Roosevelt Rd. and when the train passed under, the engineer tooted the horn. Once we got into Berwyn, there were people at just about every station platform and at the street crossings waving and taking pictures as 401 rolled by at 65 mph.

As we approached Westmont, we started slowing down for the Fairview interlocking to allow an equipment move to take place from MT1 to MT3. The engineer blew a full horn sequence as we passed the stopped train at the Fairview Station. There were a few people at that platform waving as 401 passed.

As we pulled into Downers Grove a couple of minutes early, news vans, photographers, and people alike were present to greet 401. Commuters getting off the train and people gathered stood by to look at the newly named locomotive. People applauded as 401's bell rang and the train slowly pulled away from Downers Grove. After the train passed, Judy Pardonnet talked to the media and I got a glimpse of the actual train orders for #1259. A very warm and heartwarming story and a good way for homebound commuters and everybody alike to show that people care.

401 pulled 8 cars and had cab cars 804, 8465, and 8592 as the 3 rear cars.

  by AmtrakFan
I saw it at Main It was very nice but a little too many people for me Myself and my Friends are use to having angles to ourself I had to stand on a bench to get a Photo.