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  by crij
Hello all,

Does anyone know the history of the roof tank GP9 IIRC that Metro north has? I think the unit number is 750, it is the only diesel unit that I have seen in MN paint with the air tanks on the roof. IIRC only one or 2 railroads used this configuration to increase the fuel capacity, I think they were referred to as torpedo GPs.

Thanks for your help,


  by DutchRailnut
MNCR 750 ex Conrail 7508 exx NYC 5935. GP-9 567c engine 1800 hp Boiler equiped, restricted from track 3 & 4 in park avenue tunnel.

MNCR 543 ex Conrail 5432 exx NYC 5770 GP-8 567B engine 1500 hp
800gallon fuel tank.