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  by shadyjay
For years, people have always said I'm crazy when it comes to trains. Well, now the whole world can see....

I have always had a fascination with Grand Central Terminal, pre- and post-restoration. It, in my opinion, is the best train station ever built. Its architectural value is second to none, especially the sculpture overlooking 42nd St & Park Ave. Well, now its permanently etched on my back. Check out the link below to my web page where I have posted the first pic of my first tattoo and perhaps the only GCT tattoo out there. It should be fully completed within a couple of months. Enjoy and feel free to reply with any comments.

-Jay Hogan

  by NIMBYkiller
Wicked man!!!!

  by Otto Vondrak
Dude... don't mess with Shadyjay...


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  by shadyjay
Thanks Otto for posting it here! Wait till its done - maybe i should contact metro north and they might do something for me. A nice behind-the-scenes tour of GCT would be nice.More photos will be posted after the next session.

There's a picture in the background of me in my conductor's uniform back when I worked for the Valley RR (Essex Steam Train). Also, a cool SLE trainset c 1991 which appeared in R&R magazine a while back.


  by shadyjay
Here's how it looks now after the second appointment which was last Saturday May 8.....

http://photos.nerail.org/showpic/?photo ... =jhogan222
I'd post here but I can't figure out how to do that!

-Jay Hogan[/url]
  by shadyjay
Here it is - after the third session. Two more to go - one in July and one in August.


-Jay Hogan

  by Otto Vondrak
Damn dude- that must hurt like hell when they go back to do the shading. Here's a man dedicated to his hobby... or to his Terminal... or both... I dunno...


  by shadyjay
You have no idea the pain for the shading, especially on the spine. The most recent work wasn't too bad, but the clock detail is REALLY going to be painful.

I've started a tattoo page on my web site dedicated to the Grand Central tattoo. Go to my web site (link below), then choose TATTOOS.

-Jay Hogan
  by crij
So Jay,

I complement your dedication and commitment and also the talent of the tat artist.

Have you decided what the time, on the clock will read?

Will it be related to the departure or arrival of any specific train or event that you are willing to share?

  by Otto Vondrak
I think 10:27 is a fitting time (Kalmbach was 1027 North Seventh Street in Milwaukee)... of course, I'm also partial to 5:39- the Brewster North local to Katonah.

  by Sean W.
Dude, that is cool!

Just one concern though, I hope you don't get bored with it, because if you do, I imagine it will be a hard tatoo to get rid of!

Good luck with it anyway.

  by shadyjay
Time will be 9:11. Eventually, the background above may become red and blue to symbolize an American Flag. One step at a time though, as this will cost me quite a lot of $$$ by the time its done in August. Also, the initial work will not add the "Grand Central Terminal" lettering below the clock. To roughly quote what Mr Middleton said in one of the Trains Unlimited specials on THC (I think)... one look at that group of statuary and you're only looking at one possible building.

No, I don't think I'll get sick of it. After all, I don't have to look at it everyday, since its on my back. My next idea for the NYNH&H script logo on my arm I don't think I'll get sick of either. That may come this fall. Gotta save up some more $$$.

After all, how can you get sick of a place like Grand Central Terminal? Maybe I can get on the cover of Metro North's timetable or something, if not, then most likely a tat magazine.

Anyone from MNR out there who can comment on my tattoo? Dutch? Anyone else?

I have a section of my web site now devoted to the tattoo - click the link below then go to Tattoos. Enjoy!

-Jay Hogan

  by SignalBoy
Pretty Nice Tat.. Must of been painful though... love the detail. Keep us updated on it and I'm sure someone from MNR will discover it!!!


  by DutchRailnut
:D yup MNCR will claim Copyright to image and have you pay royalties or have it removed, hey you never know :D :D

  by shadyjay
hearing that, i guess i won't be getting any union pacific artwork :D

-Jay Hogan