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  by MR77100
The South Shore once has flag stops all over the system. Which ones had shelters and when were they discontinued? I am trying to find info on the following flagstops if they ever existed:
-Michigan Ave. (Michigan City)
-Lake Park
-Terre Coupe

  by MikeF
If I'm not mistaken, all the flag stops you listed had shelters. I will try to get some more detailed information this weekend, but I believe Cavanaugh, Cook, Springville, Hicks and possibly Lake Park were discontinued in the '60s or early '70s. Michigan Boulevard, Andry, Smith, Birchim, Saugunay, Terre Coupee, Olive and Lydick were, I think, discontinued in the early-to-mid '80s. (It should be noted that even after stops were discontinued, certain crews would sometimes stop if they knew a passenger wanted to board or alight at a certain crossing.)

By 1993, LaLumiere was the only flag stop from your list still shown on the public timetable. Between 1993 and 1994, NICTD's last flag-stop elimination program saw the end of the stops at Ambridge (Gary), Dune Acres, Kemil Road, Willard Ave. (M. City), LaLumiere, Rolling Prairie and New Carlisle. Remaining flag stops in the 1994 timetable were Clark Rd. (Gary), Miller, Ogden Dunes, Beverly Shores and Hudson Lake. In 1997, Miller and Ogden Dunes were made regular stations, leaving only the current three flag stops.

I'll try to do some research this weekend and pin down the discontinuance dates a little more closely.

  by MR77100
Thanks for the help. Let me know what else you find out. I was surprised that Ambridge was discontinued as well as Birchim and New Carlisle. I used to take South Shore trains to New Carlisle with the 20th Century Railroad Club to go to the Miller's Cafe and then for a day of train watching along the Conrail Water Level Route. Is the New Carlisle shelter still standing?

  by MikeF
The old wooden shelter at New Carlisle was demolished when the stop was discontinued, as was the case at all the other locations. Fortunately, Miller's Home Cafe is still around and serving their famous "yellow noodles" as always.

I have never understood why New Carlisle was discontinued while Hudson Lake was kept ... of the two, New Carlisle seems to be in a better location. Hudson Lake's only advantage is the availablilty of parking space nearby.

  by MikeF
OK, I asked a knowledgeable source today and got the following answers. More specific information about some of the stops that were discontinued in the '50s and '60s will be forthcoming.

Discontinued in the '50s or early '60s

Discontinued in the '60s or early '70s
Lake Park

Michigan Blvd. (M. City) was discontinued in the mid-'80s, and as I mentioned before, LaLumiere, Rolling Prarie (Birchim) and New Carlisle were discontinued in 1994. Allegedly the shelters and platforms at LaLumiere and Rolling Prairie were gone by the late '70s, so the trains just stopped on the grade crossings there.

I forgot to ask about Terre Coupee and Hicks, so I'll try to get information on those stops soon.

  by MikeF
The saga continues ...

I consulted another source this evening and it turns out I was wrong on a few dates. Cavanaugh was removed prior to 1923. (That is, the shelter and platorms were removed; trains may have continued stopping there.) Cook was removed sometime in the 1930s.

Hicks and Terre Coupee were likely removed in the '50s or '60s.

  by MR77100
The Birchim platform was still standing in 1986, as I have a head-end ride aboard a South Shore train that shows this still standing.