Discussion related to commuter rail and transit operators in California past and present including Los Angeles Metrolink and Metro Subway and Light Rail, San Diego Coaster, Sprinter and MTS Trolley, Altamont Commuter Express (Stockton), Caltrain and MUNI (San Francisco), Sacramento RTD Light Rail, and others...

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  by tomj
So this is jumping off a report/post that I am writing and a post I made a few months ago. This is about expanding and reforming rail within California. The maps being shown are the ones for Northern California, not including Amtrak. This is meant to be separate from Amtrak so its not a part of the map. Also the maps don't show stations since it would be a mess if I put them on in Google maps, I apologize for technical limitations. There are a few things I need to explain about the maps.
1. The systems are separate because I am assuming there will be political differences between the Valley counties and the Bay counties. So I assumed they would be better off as separate agencies, at least initially. Also part of this assumptions is that the agencies would be created as a much larger reform and consolidation of the existing local districts into one Bay Area wide rail network. More or less I am advocating for consolidating some of the multi county districts, agencies and advisory boards into on coherent body rather than multiple ones people don't know exist (and I might even miss a few). That is a different post entirely.
2. The map with multiple colors shows what I am initially assuming would be the run times. The dark red and blue would be lines that would more or less run in round trips and the light blue and orange would be peak hours only.
3. This is part of a much larger report that is already at 11 pages and only in a second draft. I will fill in gaps as they arise, but its hard to summarize 11 pages in a few sentences.

I am looking for input from other rail fans that might know a bit more about rail or just get more eyes in case I miss something in the writing process.