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  by justalurker66
South Shore Ticketing Goes Hi-Tech!

Customers may now purchase tickets using their Smartphone. The Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District announces the launch of their new South Shore mobile ticketing app. The free app is available through the App Store and Google play.

Avoid standing in line to purchase a ticket or fumbling for cash as a conductor approaches. Now you will have the convenience of purchasing tickets in advance of your trip and activating the ticket once you board the train. Running late with no time to buy your ticket from the agent or ticket vending machine? No problem since you’ve already purchased your ticket and stored it on your device.

Using the app has many advantages. Passengers may purchase all ticket types from one-way regular and reduced fare tickets to monthly passes. Note to monthly pass holders – A Monthly pass MUST be purchased in the Month it will be used. You cannot purchase your monthly pass before the 1st of the Month.

Passengers participating in the RTA Transit Benefit Program can split their ticket purchase transaction between the RTA Transit Benefit card and another debit or credit card. The app will also e-mail a permanent record of your purchase transaction?

In a survey conducted last year over 70% of South Shore riders have Smartphones. NICTD expects mobile ticketing will grow in popularity and is currently working on upgrades to the app

For a description of the new app please click here.

So register today, sit back, relax and enjoy your ride. The South Shore – It’s That Easy!

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Posted: May 30, 2014
  by BrianLM007
I saw this morning as well and checked out how it works...I think NICTD may be on to something here. This seems simple and intuitive and easy for the conductor/ticket collectors to inspect.