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  by metra209
I don't know much about this but yesterday at the Franklin Park RR Daze, someone inside the cab of Metra 215 pressed the emergency shutoff button and immediately ran out of oil. HEP to the other train cars was also lost. The authorities knew who that person was and he/she had to pay a fee with the bill that was sent to their home. 124 was sent out to take the other units back to CUS. If anyone else knows this, do you perhaps know if 215 is at Western going under investigation?
  by lstone19
I really have no idea what you mean by "ran out of oil" and what that implies. And of course if it was shut down, HEP to the other cars was lost - where do you think the HEP comes from?.
However, whatever actually happened must not have been too serious as 215 was the power on today's 1:00 NCS departure from CUS.
  by c604.
Sounds like someone pressed the engine shutdown (emergency fuel cutoff) switch on the back wall of the cab. They may have just leaned back and pressed it with their shoulders or head momentarily by accident if the cab was crowded and they were standing along the back wall.
  by Engineer Spike
Pressing the emergency fuel cut off shouldn't have anything to do with loosing oil. I don't see any reason which would prevent the prime mover from being restarted, except if the battery was weak. Maybe the unit was already low on oil, and it tripped the governor low oil button.
  by Thunder
When you hit the shut down button a few things happen. The prime mover shuts off and lights com one saying Low oil pressure, low water etc etc as that is what has happened. The sensors show this because thats really what happened. Alarm bells ring until you turn it to isolate.

Do it every night with every loco on every district except the electric.