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  by Kurt-Trirail
Hello all,

I have teamed up with a local railfan video producer (Randy Sounds), to make a railfan-style documentary on Tri-Rail, to complment his FEC and CSX videos from South Florida.

We do hope to have some clips of Tri-Rail action from 1989, up to the end of the "silver chassis" era though. Currently, we do not have any video of Tri-Rail from that era, and we are looking for other railfans who may want to share their old Tri-Rail video clips, photos and memorabilia (for the video as well), to use in the video.

We haven't started production on the video for this reason, and unless we can find enough clips, it's not certain whether we will produce it.

If you would like to help out, drop me a line via my email address, accessible from my profile. I'll give Randy the information, and maybe we can come up with a video.

Take care,