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  by Sisko24
Does anyone know the official MTA policy for pets - particularly dogs - onboard Metro-North trains and in stations? If there is an official policy, why aren't conductors and/or Metro-North personnel enforcing it?

In what seems to be increasing frequency, I'm seeing passengers with dogs not in pet carriers onboard Metro-North trains. NOTE: I'm not referring to seeing eye dogs which are allowed and understandably are to be encouraged, but pets being walked and carried on Metro-North stations and onboard trains. I've seen their owners strolling along with 'Fifi' and 'Fido' as if out for their Sunday afternoon constitutional. In most cases, it's been evident the passenger did not have any sort of "refuse reclamation device" (i.e., "pooper scooper") in hand or anywhere on his or her person. Additionally, it was obvious they boarded and no conductor or train personnel denied them entry with their uncontained canine. How can this be? A myriad of jokes about MNRR going to the dogs may spring to mind but for those persons who are allergic to dogs and the mites they carry, not to mention not wanting to sit next to them, this is no laughing matter. I believed the policy the MTA once had did require dogs be in a carrier so how is it that those passengers are allowed to flout the rules and regulations the rest of us are supposed to obey?

Seems to me, complaining to a conductor is pointless particularly when a train is en route; I don't believe trainmen have the authority to make an unscheduled stop to discharge a passenger for that reason. Metro-North police would seem unlikely to respond to such an incident unless it involved danger to life or property. And because a conductor had to have collected a fare from such a person, would he or she really be willing to take responsibility for allowing them to board in the first place?

Writing to the MTA is an after-the-fact action which wouldn't do much to stop this. Unless the MTA is going to have plainclothes officers observing trains for this and other reasons, I don't see how this is stopped. Does anyone have any ideas about what to do in this situation?
  by DutchRailnut
pets are perfectly allowable on Metro North.
If you do not like pet in your car move, people are portable.

http://www.myharriman.com/can-i-take-my ... th-trains/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; and good news for dog lovers Amtrak is changing their policy too
  by truck6018
Here's the official policy from the MTA website: http://mta-nyc.custhelp.com/app/answers ... R1FVbm0%3D

With that said, they are allowed.

You are correct about trainmen not having authorization to make an unscheduled stop to discharge passengers. Then again, either does anyone on the train (conductor, engineer, etc). The dispatcher (RTC) gives the authority to grant unscheduled stops.
  by mkm4
Sisko24 wrote: but for those persons who are allergic to dogs and the mites they carry, not to mention not wanting to sit next to them, this is no laughing matter
Carriers aren't airtight, so even if they were in a carrier, you would still have the same problems with allergies and fleas being able to get to you.