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  by orangeline
Breaking news on NBC5:

Metra train 504 from Joliet to LaSalle St. Station derailed at 47th st & Wentworth Ave. Aerial shots from news chopper shows all cars and locomotive off tracks. The rails are twisted like spaghetti and the cab car appears to be bent into slight boomerang shape. Witnesses say a bridge collapsed just as train was passing over. Noone is yet sure if the bridge collapsed first causing the derailment or if the derailment came first causing the bridge collapse. At least 20 ambulances and a couple of Life Flight helicopters on scene -- one Life Flight transported at least one seriously injured person to hospital. There are many injuries, but as yet no mention of fatalities.

The derailment occurred some 45 minutes ago (approx 9:30 AM).

  by CSX Conductor
Here's another link to the story.

  by AMTK84
For those wonderring, equipment was cab car 8570 with engine 409.