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  by Guest
I will be in the vicinity of Niagara Falls in October and am considering a day trip by train from there to Toronto and back. I'll have a rental car that I'll leave for the day somewhere while I'm on the train. Does anyone have any information about parking facilities at the VIA station at Niagara Falls? Also, I'd like to know if St. Catherines or even Grimsby might be better places to board with respect to parking space. I'd be making the trip on a Saturday, so there might not be the number of commuters that normally might take this trip. Thanks in advance for any information.

  by Ken V
The VIA station in Niagara Falls has a relatively good-sized parking lot while those in St. Catherines and Grimsby are a bit smaller. However, on weekends, all of these lots are almost empty. From a safety perspective, I wouldn't hesitate to use any of them.

A day trip to Toronto would be just that since the train leaves NF early (Dp. 7:40 a.m.) and returns in the evening (Ar. 7:36 p.m.). The trip time is just under 2 hours each way.

  by Ken W2KB
Having seen the VIA Niagara Falls Station once, a few years ago, from the train, my recollection is that it would be interesting to look around a bit before train time. Interesting area.