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  • Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.
Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.

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  by craltoona
Sunday night (Halloween) I was driving by Collinwood Yard in Cleveland, OH and saw CSX 7587 (C40-8) which is still in the original "Stealth Scheme" meaning only gray paint with blue lettering and markings, but absolutely no yellow anywhere. I know that I probably stand alone but the stealth scheme has always been my favorite CSX scheme.

Does anyone know how many stealth locomotives are left and where they are? What I'm looking for are C40-8s, GP40-2s, etc. anything you might find on the road. I would like to exclude ex-GP30 slugs and other unique or modified lower horsepower locomotives because there are still many out there across the entire system and it's not hard to find those. Your help is greatly appreciated, especailly on the C40-8s. Let's also give opinions. Tell me what you think about the stealth scheme.

-Joe M

  by CRail
Just keep an eye out, it shows up every now and then on the boston line.

I prefer the bright future scheme myself but the dark future is nice too. stealth is too gray and looks too plain for my taste.

One question, would i be correct in saying dark future is the latest?

  by SRS125
Here is a small list of Active road units that are still in the all gray with blue lettering you may be intrest in that are still rolling about:

2502-2507, 2509-2511, 2513-2519, 2526, 2535, 2538, 2557, 2609, 2610, 2625, 2631, 2637, 2638, 2646, 2647, 2650, 2658, 2682, 2689, 2709,

4606, 4621,

5525, 5564,

5810, 5812, 5819, 5886,

6027, 6064, 6134, 6141, 6412, 6416, 6417, 6421-6423, 6436, 6439, 6441, 6443, 6447, 6454, 6455, 6459, 6460, 6480, 6481, 6947

6595, 6783, 6828

7013, 7018

7509, 7587, 7588

8023, 8030, 8035, 8036, 8039, 8044, 8046, 8048, 8053, 8060, 8068, 8086, 8089, 8105, 8124, 8146, 8223, 8237, 8246, 8312, 8318, 8320, 8321, 8324, 8336, 8350, 8364, 8368, 8369, 8387, 8388, 8394, 8400, 8404, 8414, 8417, 8418, 8435-8437

SD50's 8505

SD45-2's 8954

  by craltoona

Thanks. I didn't think anyone would have my answers so quickly. You sure are on the ball! It appears that there are a lot more stealths out there than I thought. I also didn't know there was an SD50 in gray. I did however see one of those C30-7s in gray not to long ago in Warwick Ohio on the ex B&O main close to Akron.

  by crazy_nip
you must have been seeing things...

7587 has a yellow nose and long cab end...

the rest of it is the stealth scheme, but they all have yellow noses now

  by SRS125
I left the SW's, GP15's and GP30's out of the list along with a hand full of yard slugs as well I can post them numbers if you would like to have them as well.

  by crazy_nip
there are no GP30's...

  by Jay Potter
I think that there might be some misunderstanding about SRS125's list. My best guess is that it's a list of CSXT units that at some point had a paint scheme of some sort that was modified by having the nose repainted yellow. In any event, I'm convinced that it's not a list of currently active units that are still in the solid-gray paint scheme. Some of the listed units are no longer active; and many of the listed units were never painted in the solid-gray scheme.

  by CSX Conductor
CRAltoona, here's a site for you>>> http://www.trainweb.org/csxphotos/

CRail, the Dark Future is just what the railroaders nick-named the newer paint scheme, which was called "Bright Future" by CSXT. LOL

  by SRS125
some of these units may have been repainted with in the last year or two I have seen a few GP30 Slugs GP15 Slugs in all gray.

  by craltoona
To: crazynip...you may be correct. Being that it was completely dark outside and also that the locomotive was connected to a SOO LINE SD60M, I probably couldn't tell that the nose was yellow. It would appear that CSX many years ago decided to go ahead and paint all of the stealth locomotives with a yellow nose for safety reasons.

To everyone else..does this mean that there are no locomotives left in the stealth scheme that have no yellow nose? (High horsepower only) It would appear so but I'm still not quite sure.

SRS125: The list you got me is still exactly what I was looking for and still agreatly appreciate your effort. Thanks.

  by crazy_nip
The SD60's (8700-8709) and the first order (7500-7593) of C40-8's were the ONLY new power delivered to CSX with the stealth scheme...

that is why there are no high HP units painted in the scheme...

there were not that many to start with, and most (all but what, 2-3) of that lot have been repainted

A good chunk of other CSX power (especially higher powered units like the SD50's) stayed in SCL/FL/SBD/Chessie paint for a long time, most getting their first csx paint job as the "YN2" bright future paint job.

Alot of predacessor railroad units were repainted in the early 80's (espcially SCL AND L&N units) and did not need paint. Eventually these got the YN2.

  by SRS125
I caught a soloid gray stelth SD40 last summer I don't reacll the number I know it was in the 8800 number range I'll have to find the home video if I can find it. Its the only high horse power looco that I have seen outher than 2 GP15 road slugs.

  by Jay Potter
I think that it might be helpful if SRS125 and perhaps others who are dealing with CSXT locomotive issues would review the CSXT roster contained on the web site "www.bullsheet.com". Within that roster, there is a "key to symbols" that references the web site "CSX Photo Archives."

I'm not certain that the roster is error-free; and the archives doesn't contain photos of every CSXT locomotive in every paint scheme; however both sites can be extremely helpful for basic research. I suspect that if those sites were used more, there would be less erroneous CSXT-related information posted elsewhere on the Internet.

  by Bryanjones
Many of the units that were listed a few messages above were never painted into the solid gray stealth paint scheme, but wear the earlier gray and blue scheme which included a blue rooftop and blue along the bottom edge of the carbody. This includes the SD40's #4606 and 4621, SD50 #8508, and SD45-2 #8954 among others. There are others, but these are just some that I know of offhand.

Bryan Jones