• CSX High Horsepower Stealths Floating Around

  • Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.
Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.

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  by CSX Conductor
SRS125 wrote:I caught a soloid gray stelth SD40 last summer I don't reacll the number I know it was in the 8800 number range I'll have to find the home video if I can find it. Its the only high horse power looco that I have seen outher than 2 GP15 road slugs.

The 8800 series locomotives are SD40-2's...........many of which are former Con-Rail units.

  by roadster
I recently saw this all gray SD-40 up in the Rochester area. It had CSX style numbers on the cab sides but no lettering discernable on the long hood or cab sides. I believe this unit was a lease unit possibly purchased to aleviate the power shortages. I have also noted and riden on a few c-30's which were purchased from the NS. These were x-CR units that went to the NS and since been sold to CSX. Still in CR paint. you can see a strip of black paint under the CSX yellow numbers on the cab sides. The black strip is all remains of the black patch used by NS when they renumbered they CR units to their number system. I have seen several of these units on road frieghts in upstate NY. Next time I'll get the numbers.

  by Tadman
Anybody else think dark future is just a slight modify of the same C&O/PM scheme intro'd in the 40's and reappears every 25 years? In the forties PM switchers had this, then in the sixties C&O units had this, now CSX units have the same blue, just this time the PM E7 influence shows up with the yellow ends.

  by SRS125
Maybe they were experimenting with varied paint schemes. Or could it be possible that the locos that were painted in the varied paint schemes were assigned a certain task within a regional area at one time??

  by Urban D Kaye
Been awhile since I've seen a CSX "stealth," but did catch ths image back in the fall of 2001...


  by craltoona
That's exactly what I saw, only it was 7587, and again, because it was dark I couldn't see the yellow on the nose, so I assumed there was no yellow. I know many don't agree with me but this was my favorite scheme.

  by crazy_nip
these things, as delivered had blue gas tanks, underbody and trucks

they werent that bad looking when new, and clean, but got ungodly ugly fast

I think the YN2 scheme stays better looking longer than any of the other schemes

at least when applied new, some of the early SD/GP40-2's repainted are looking pretty rusty now

  by charlie6017
I wonder how grungy the ones with the new paint scheme will be after a few years. With that dark blue color, it won't take long. They're sharp as long as they are clean.