Discussion relating to the operations of MTA MetroNorth Railroad including west of Hudson operations and discussion of CtDOT sponsored rail operations such as Shore Line East and the Springfield to New Haven Hartford Line

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  by BenH
I was on an Amtrak regional through the MNCR-Amtrak interlocking in New Rochelle (I think it's refered to as CP216 by MNCR) two weeks ago and I'd sware that we were going 15 m.p.h. Does anyone know when/if MNCR and Amtrak plan to upgrade this interlocking? This has to be one of the slowest sections on the northeast corridor.

  by Otto Vondrak
You might also want to try posting your question about "SHELL" on the Amtrak forum... not really sure who is responsible for that interlocking.


  by M1 9147
Metro North has total responsibility all of the way to New Haven, then Amtrak beyond that point. South of Shell on the Hell Gate Branch is the responsibility of Amtrak, but everything else including Shell is Metro North, and owned by the MTA.

  by DutchRailnut
The speed from New haven line to Hellgate branch is only 15 mph so your engineer was just complying.
If and when Amtrak start funding it, the connecrtion to hellgate will be raised to 45 mph and mncr's will stay at 30 mph diverting towards pelham.

  by BenH
I was on a MN train that passed through New Rochelle last Thursday, July 15th. Looks to me like MN is [right now] rebuilding the interlocking just east of SHELL. I also noticed a large track gang replacing wooden ties on one of the inside tracks. (they were working their way east, I think.)

A few questions came to mind...

1. When this project is complete what will be the track speed through this interlocking, when changing tracks?

2. Does MN install switch-heaters when they rebuild interlockings? (or maybe their interlockings are already fitted with heaters...)

3. Why is MN "only" replacing the wooden ties, instead of installing more concrete ties, like they have on other parts of the railroad. [NOTE - I'm not a "concrete tie junky", I'm only wondering what factors (beside money) come into play when MN decides to replace wooden ties on the NH line, instead of installing concrete ties.)

4. Is it MN's intention to re-build SHELL interlocking (with Amtrak) after they have finished the work on CP217? If yes, any idea when (as in the year) they plan to do this?

  by DutchRailnut
Ok first here is no SHELL anymore its CP216 and CP217. there never was a south shell since New Haven line is East/West so old names were east shell and west shell.
The speed of CP217 will be 65 mph diverging from what I have been told.
On west end of platform the rebuilt still has to start but when its done both MNCR's speed will remain at 30 mph and Amtraks speed will be 45 mph. when will it be finished ?? when Amtrak coughs up the dough.

Concrete vs Wood. in very wet locations Concrete just won't last so station tracks at New Rochelle will probably remain wood as there is quite a drainage problem in that cut.

All switches on MNCR except for switches on Danbury and Waterbury branches have switch heaters including 85% of all yard switches.