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  by ctaman34
how many platforms are there in the new station and where is the location of the discharge platform
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  by EricL
There is one long platform which is 'divided' into two sections for boarding and alighting. Trains pulling into the station switch to the left (south) track to disembark passengers. Then the operator changes ends and pulls the train up to the boarding portion of the platform (although there is usually another train already waiting to leave, so (s)he has a few minutes to kill).

  by ctaman34
thats odd

  by MikeF
ctaman34 wrote:thats odd
Not really ... such an arrangement allows alighting passengers to use the "non-paid" platform and exit without having to go through turnstiles and whatnot, while keeping the boarding passengers separate on a "paid" platform area. A similar arrangement is used at Skokie, where trains alight passengers on an unpaid platform on the northbound track, then pull up, change ends, and pull back into the station on the southbound track, where the paid platform is.