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  by doepack
metraRI wrote:This is also the chance for Metra to expand a currently over crowded 47th Street.
Could you elaborate a little on that? I'm not sure I understand how 47th St. could be overcrowded since it only takes care of one route, unless we're talking about a lot of MOW equipment storage for the ongoing bridge project,
or other circumstance...

  by metraRI
47th Street is not a big yard. If you ride RI on a weekday, most tracks are filled. I doubt all of RI's 13 sets could fit in the yard.

Here is an aerial view above the southern end of 47th Street. I don't know what time it was taken, but there are only 7 sets in the yard..and as you can see, there is not much room for any additional sets.


  by doepack
Indeed, that yard is smaller than I thought, especially since it's on the site of what was once the "Rocket House" shops facility for the Rock Island. But then again, the yard probably wasn't originally intended for the storage of multiple nine-car train sets when it opened in 1950...

  by F40CFan
It appears that this topic got WAY off target. I was just wondering if anyone else found the announcements as ineffective, inaccurate and lacking in useful content as I do.