• Coming Soon! The new Blue Line to Largo Town Center......

  • Discussion related to DC area passenger rail services from Northern Virginia to Baltimore, MD. Includes Light Rail and Baltimore Subway.
Discussion related to DC area passenger rail services from Northern Virginia to Baltimore, MD. Includes Light Rail and Baltimore Subway.

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  by Robert Paniagua
Well folks, its coming! The new Blue Line extension should be coming along soon past Addison Road, I'm sure things will go well with that new extension to Morgan Boulevard and Largo Town Center.

Anyone else have any thoughts about this new blue line extension?

  by ctaman34
Great When's the extension opening.

  by Robert Paniagua
So far, it's scheduled to open around December 2004, maybe a little later, but the target date so far is 12/04.

  by Arlington
Ok, so here it is, December 2004--the stated target opening month of the Largo extension to the blue line. Is there now any news on when it will open?

  by Robert Paniagua
I saw the article, and it's gonna at least bring some life to that area, since Addison Road was a dead (slow patronage) station, exceps rush hours basically. Now though, this new addition will again bring some life to that end of that Blue line, and it will also be the very first Prince George's County, Md. WMATA station to go outside of I-495, thus leaving the entire Green Line, the New Carrolton end of the Orange Line and the Mt. Vernon-Sq-UDC end of the Yellow line the only terminals not to go outside of I-495.

  by starionwolf
The stations will open today, December 18! Yay :) I actually saw a blue line train with the destination of Largo on the side. I think the operator dialed in the wrong code. Opps.

  by Robert Paniagua

The loooong awaited Addison Road expansion has finally opened up for revenue use. More information here. (Registration required-beware)
  by Robert Paniagua
Well, after almost four months into revenue operations, I decided to finally go downthere and see for myself (and videotape) the new Blue Line Extension. I started out at Shady Grove with getting a Rohr coach 01165 from there till Metro Center and then met CAF-IND 5066 from there on. Then, after we pulled out of the original last stop of Addison Road, I then got out my camera and started rolling all the way thru the tunnelways and we then popped out for around5-600 feet to an enbankment right before Morgan Boulevard, then we popped out to Morgan Boulevard station, which was completely in trench, however, the western platform for at least two car lengths was underground. Then we were in tunnel the rest of the way until the very edge of I-495 when we flew over the expressway and then descended on Largo Town Centre Shopping Mall, still on EL Structure. After Largo TC, the trackage descended back down to tunnels and into an underground garage and car wash.

I then filmed some of the station and it's surrounding parking garages, and then I headed back to Shady Grove. From LTC, I also switched ends from 5066 to inbound lead car 5137, which I rode on back to Metro Center, which I picked up the Shady Grove-bound Red Line train on board another Rohr coach, 01167 and bowed out at Shady Gove terminus. So in all, not a bad ride and liked it :-)
  by Head-end View
Rob, did anyone hassle you about filming or photo taking? I'm going down there myself in a few weeks for my Spring vacation. Also going to do some Philadelphia area (SEPTA) riding too. :wink:

  by Robert Paniagua
Actually not, not even by the train operator. Thank goodness!

Yeah I remember you telling me about your ride there in a few weeks, it'll be nice and interesting. Wow, you're also going to fit in the SEPTA ride? That's nice, be sure to post it in the SEPTA Forum with your trip report afterwards...

Hope you have fun downthere.

  by Derek Bernier
Geez Mr. Paniagua I'm happy that you enjoyed yourself there, and that no loser officer pulled you over this time unlike 3 1/2 years ago, and that nobody reported you either :-D Again, glad you had fun, I rode the Red and Virginia Blue lines myself last year and I liked it.

  by starionwolf
Thanks for the update. I've been to the other end of the Blue Line at Franconia - Springfield and Van Dorn.