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  • Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.
Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.

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  by farecard
So I'm looking at going from Cleveland to Wall NJ.
Not sure it's practical but....

The https://www.nj.gov/transportation/refda ... dlines.pdf map shows the :CSAO/Freehold section, or NJ Coast line as passing at least sorta near to Wall.

What's the best shot at this? There's the #48 LSL or #30 to #42 to get close, but both look like 12+ hours to get to NJ. And I know nothing of NJ Transit, etc.

  by lensovet
Spring Lake on the Coast Line is the nearest stop and appears to be about 2 miles away from the city center. On the map in your post, there is no passenger service on lines without a gray highlight.

Your options are:

LSL to NYP, then take the next train going to Spring Lake. If Amtrak is on time, that would be a 7.05pm departure. If you miss that, there's 8.21, 10.23, and 11.18. Travel time is about 2 hours and includes a timed cross platform transfer at Long Branch.

An alternate routing would be to take Capitol Limited to Pittsburgh, then switch to Pennsylvanian 2.5 hours later and take it until Newark (not New York) Penn. This gives you 15 minutes to transfer to a direct NJT train which takes 1.5 hours and departs at 4.46p, with later direct trains at 5.21 and 6.23. There are also trains with transfers (like the previous option) at 5.53, 6.47, and 7.24 (which corresponds to the 7.02 New York departure above).
  by farecard
Thanks, I'm surprised I can get that close, albeit after ~17 hr, journey.
I will ponder for a while.

My alternative is to come back to WAS on the #30 a day early and drive up 95 (boring...) with my friend.
  by GooStats
There is no "City Center" in Wall. Its just a big sprawling rural/ suburban township. Depending on what part of Wall you're going to, take the Coast Line to either Belmar, Spring Lake or Manasquan.
  by lensovet
City center meaning geographic center, the point that you get when you put it into a mapping application. No judgment made on whether there's actually a "city center" to speak of, and I didn't feel like looking up what kind of municipality it is (township, borough, etc) so I called it a city.
  by lensovet
Looks like you can go to Asbury Park, then take bus 836 to Route 33/Walnut, and walk 1.8 miles after that.

Though the bus is infrequent so I would probably just catch a Lyft to go from the train to the destination given the distance.
  by NY&LB
That event is at InfoAge, the old Fort Monmouth Camp Evans area. Closest station is Belmar. Very famous historic site, first radio signals bounced off the moon from there among many other notable achievements like RADAR!
  by CharlieL
Belmar is the closest train station, Uber / Lyft from there a 10 minute ride.