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  by arnstg
Just found out that CUT is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year

The Cincinnati Enquirer issue of March 23 had extensive articles on the history and makeup of CUT.

The articles are available at: www.cincinnati.com . Type union terminal in the "search' field to bring up all the info.

  by railohio
Very nice to know. I visit Cincinnati Union Terminal every year for Summerail in August. Always a great station to see.

  by terminalfanatic
I'm not sure if this is the right spot to post this and I also posted it under the "Baltimore & Ohio/Chesapeake & Ohio/Western Maryland" forum, but does anyone know the area of the main building of the Cincinnati Union Terminal? Not the acreage or trackage, but the square footage of the building. I'm putting some charts together comparing 3 different stations and one of my blanks is the area.
  by Station Aficionado
Sorry, I can't answer your question, but wanted to caution the current building at Cincinnati comprises only the headhouse. The concourse was demolished in the early '70's. The square footage of the current building will not be the same as when the station was intact.
  by terminalfanatic
Well you clearly know more about this place than I do, maybe this illustration may help. Or even a good figure, it doesn't have to be exact...or at least a good guess.

http://www.cincinnativiews.net/images-3 ... 0Level.jpg

...minus the driveway & terrace
  by hutton_switch
Someone had posted a request a couple of days ago asking for the square footage of the Cincinnati Union Terminal here at the Baltimore & Ohio forum, but unfortunately, I now find that topic deleted. I had posted the question at Yahoo's B&O forum, and I got an answer from a member there (thanks to Mr. Robert Federle), who contacted the CUT Museum Center with the request. Here is what was sent:

"Assuming that the request is for current square footage, the number is 504,000 sq.ft. This does not include the portion of the concourse that was torn down. I do not have that information readily available, but could get it later next week if needed. Does that number work for you or would you like us to find more information about the torn down portion of the concourse that was over the train yard?"
  by hutton_switch
Take a look at the below link, back in the Baltimore & Ohio forum, where you originally posted your inquiry:

http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewtopi ... 76&t=76796
  by terminalfanatic
Perfect! Thank you so much. I will also have you know that when compared to the Michigan Central Station and the Buffalo Central Terminal. The Cincinnati Union Terminal is 2nd in size.

BCT - 523,000 sq. ft.

CUT - 504,000 sq. ft.

MCS - 500,000 sq. ft.
  by Poppy3
Planning to take DW and her two sisters on our first Amtrak trip this summer. The most difficult thing to work out for me is how best to handle getting to and from the station. Do I park a good car in the parking lot for three weeks? Can I do that, and would it be there when I Get back? Can I rent a car in Lexington and leave it at the station? Should we spend the previous night at a downtown hotel and see if they would leave us off at the station at 2 AM? The train leaving in the middle of the night and local services are making this first one difficult to plan. Is anyone familiar with this station and the traintoChicago? Does someone have a good procedure for handling four people and their luggage and a car parked for three weeks?
  by Tadman
I'd call your hotel to see if they can arrange a taxi for you. The station is not in the best area (not awful, just not where I'd leave my car for a long time). Also, keep up to date with the train over the web or the 800 number. I've been on this train 6 hours late before, there's no sense in getting to the station at o-dark-thirty to sit on your duff for six hours.

I lived outside of Cinci for four years in college, and I never took this train once. The unfortunate fact is that the train is one step from useless due to poor timekeeping and a crummy Indy-Chicago routing. My buddy from Lexington flies or drives to Chicago every time, and I don't blame him.
  by Poppy3
Thanks for the input. I can easily have them come to my place in Al and catch the train in early afternoon in Birmingham. That would route us through DC to Chicago! Could also catch it in Ky, but no baggage handling.
  by kmillard
Enjoy the trip.
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  by markhb
The station is not in the best area (not awful, just not where I'd leave my car for a long time).
I take it that, unfortunately, the station is not actually patrolled by the Super Friends?

(Sorry, but if this station is to have its own thread, I thought that particular connection needed to be made :) ).
  by gokeefe
The Cincinnati Business Courier has coverage of the current debate by Hamilton County, Ohio Comissioners regarding raising the funds necessary to renovate Cincinnati Union Terminal and the local Music Hall.
Hamilton County commissioners voted Wednesday to hold a public hearing on whether to increase the county’s sales tax to pay for repairs to two Cincinnati icons – Union Terminal and Music Hall. “The best airing of this is in a public setting,” said Chip Gerhardt, a spokesman for the Cultural Facilities Task Force, which is studying what repairs are needed and how to pay for them. “These are public buildings and this is a public discussion. The public has not only the right, but the responsibility to determine the fate of these two facilities.” Democratic Commissioner Todd Portune and Republican Commissioner Greg Hartmann voted for the resolution. Republican Commissioner Chris Monzel, who is up for re-election this year, voted “no.” Commissioners emphasized that they were only having a hearing and not ready to place a sales tax initiative on the ballot for this fall.
Amtrak remains an essentially irrelevant presence at this station, which is served by the thrice weekly Cardinal. Much like Kansas City Union Station, Cincinnati Union Terminal has managed to remain open by being converted for use as a museum. Although there is no apparent future plans for improved Amtrak service to Cincinnati the station seems likely to remain in place for the long term.