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  by Pensyfan19
I remember hearing that all six of CDOT's rebuilt GP40s came from ex-CSX GP40s. However, I checked rrpicturearchives and found that the last one, number 6699, is associated with SDP45 NRLX 6592, ex-BN 6592, nee Great Northern 326. However, on the "Rebuilt-GP40" page for the same railroad, it says that 6699 was GP40 ex-CSX 2181,SBD 6272, CRR 2001. Can anyone confirm what the origin for this locomotive was? A Clinchfield GP38 or a Great Northern SDP45?

http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/locoPi ... x?id=68408

http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/locoli ... OT&mid=906
  by chrisf
It looks like a typo. 6699 would not have been rebuilt from an SDP45. This https://www.thedieselshop.us/CONNDOT.HTML indicates that 6699 was previously CSX 2189, which is serial 33071, vs. 33041 from the SDP.
  by Pensyfan19
Ok. Thank you for the clarification. Just wanted to double check the info given on both sites.