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  by bystander
Waht happened to the Long island C1 coaches. Did they ever got to the tourist railroad they were going to, or is MetraNorth going to keep them?
  by DutchRailnut
Metro North does not own them so by keeping them it would be theft.
they are heading for Torrington on Naugy.
they may even be there yet


  by bystander
There was a thread on the old forum that said that MN may be using them into grand Central. Thjeft? Doesnt MTA own MN, LIRR and the cars?

  by omar
The cars are privately owned. They currently are sitting in New Haven.

  by shadyjay
Yup, those cars are still at NHV. They are visable as you cross over the new bridge over the rail yard. The bridge is a great vantage point over the yard. Most of it has that protective sheeting but there are openings on either end and in the middle to spot the action, and the ex-LIRR cars.

-Jay Hogan

  by bystander
Any idea who the owner is? I thought I read thet MTA was keeping the cars for Grand Central servixe. Strange that they wuold let them go with an equipment shortege.

  by DutchRailnut
the cars are owned by Ken Bitten a equipment dealer. the cars are on sale at Ozarkmountain.com for 500,000 each or offered for lease.
there are no current plans to lease the orphaned cars.
they are not compatible for push-pull with any current engines due to 32 volt control systems.
the C1's could be used as a locomotive hauled consist if the N2a couplers were to be ex-changed with standard AAR Knuckle couplers.

  by bystander
500,000 each? Are tney made of gold? Maybe NJ can buy them for that River Line project they built.

  by DutchRailnut
for cars off 10 years and almost no mileage thats cheap.
a new single level aluiminum Bomb car goes for 1.8 million

  by DaveP
Why didn't the LIRR convert these cars to work with the rest of their fleet? Would that not have been a fairly economical way to add a few cars even if they were just used as spares?

  by DutchRailnut
they are NOT compatible with any other equipment.
due to their different door systems and controls (al 32 volt instead of 64 ) they are not compatible even with any standard locomotive.
if the N2a couplers were removed and standard couplers installed they could be hauled by regular passenger locomotives just having HEP fed to the cars.
Dorr interlocks to engines however would not work.
these cars also were built as married pairs and can not be seperated.

  by mkm4
DaveP wrote:Why didn't the LIRR convert these cars to work with the rest of their fleet? Would that not have been a fairly economical way to add a few cars even if they were just used as spares?
It cost more to update them then it would cost to buy new cars.

  by EDM5970
Now that sounds unreasonable. Updating the door controls to 64 VDC should not have been a major issue. The big costs of carbody, trucks, draft gear, seats, HVAC was already paid for. Didn't they convert an FA to provide the HEP. So you tow the set, complete, around with an MP-15, east of Jamaica.

What, 1200 relatively new revenue seats? Sounds like the NY taxpayers, and Federal taxpayers, as I imagine UMTA money was involved, took a beating.
  by mainline
The C1's were hauled by two GP38-2's ( 266 & 259 ) before the 3 FL9AC's were available. Hep was provided by a converted FA. From what I was told that besides having problems with the FL9AC's there were also mechanical problems with the C1's . They used to have a mechanic on board to correct any problems with the equipment while traveling between Port Jefferson and Penn Station. So the LI was happy to park the C1's.

  by 9C1LT1
Don't forget the two Metra (BN) E-9's #516 & 521 that first pulled the C-1 bi-levels. Why didn't the LIRR keep those untill the FL-9's were ready in 1994? I'll have to scan and post my pictures of the E-9's.