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  by Jeff Smith
This sounds incredible: Travel And Leisure
This Luxury Train Journey Is Now Going Deeper Into the Arctic Circle’s Northern Landscapes

It's now possible to take a trio of stunning Norwegian train rides all on one luxury trip. Sustainable upscale tour company Up Norway is offering an extension on its already spectacular Arctic Circle Express tour. It allows travelers to go even further north to Lofoten and Narvik, and experience the Ofoten Line (Ofotbanen) — one of the nation’s standout railways in addition to Flåm and Rauma, both also on the itinerary.

“This enhanced 15-night itinerary invites discerning travelers to embark on an immersive adventure through Norway's captivating Northern landscapes, unveiling hidden gems and rich cultural experiences along the way,” the company said in a release provided to Travel + Leisure. “In Lofoten, with the added trip extension, travelers can enjoy remote villages, a dramatic scenic route, adrenaline-pumping arctic surfing, and international art collections.”

Travelers will then head to Narvik for a private tour of a World War II museum and ride the Narvikfjellet Cable Car with panoramic views of the city, fjords, and mountains. But the highlight is riding the Ofoten railway itself. “Referred to as The Arctic Train, this railway line traverses Norway's stunning fjords and mountains through a rugged and untamed landscape from Narvik towards Sweden,” Up Norway said on its site.
  by umtrr-author
The Wikipedians helped me understand where this is...


I've watched via "Slow TV" most of the trip between Trondheim and Bodø, a different line which also reaches above the Arctic Circle, but Narvik and Lofoten are even farther north.

It is quite amazing to consider that there is overnight passenger train service from Stockholm to Narvik... the latter having a population of approximately 21,500...