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  by Benjamin Maggi
Stunning. That is the word for her. I was going to say "I need a copy of that picture" but then I realized it isn't a past negative. It is how she currently looks! I am not sure if I have ever seen a steam locomotive look that good. Yes, I understand all about the #8444 and the #4449 and others, but to me, this is one beautiful engine. The railroad, and the Friends of the Railroad, have really outdone themselves.

Sign me up for a weekend of taking pictures when she is ready to go!
  by khojnacki
18 looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing the pix. I know Manley would have loved to see it.

  by thebigham
Yes, #18 looks GREAT!!
  by tomjohn
ARCADE AND ATTICA RR #18 does look good,now what about the 4-6-0 ? Is she in good condition,can she be steamed up if necessary or does she need an overhaul/rebuilding ?

  by ddk375
My wife and I took the afternoon steam excursion on August 17th. What a glorious trip! We also noted the impressive amount of track work that has been done, and is still underway. An observation - #18 generates a LOT of smoke - am surprised that NIMBYs haven't complained.

  by jgallaway81
I talked with Brad and Jim on Saturday when I was up.

It's basic economics... soft coal runs less then half/ton delivered than low-sulfur coal. Without packing the trips every weekend, its just too expensive to buy the higher quality stuff.

But, she sure smelled and sounded good. It was good to see the old girl under steam once again.
  by Benjamin Maggi
When my wife and I rode this May, she decided to get "dollied" up with a nice white blouse. Had I known ahead of time I would have warned her. Needless to say, she did not leave Arcade nice and white and clean! It didn't help that I wanted to ride in the gondola for the entire trip! Oh well, that is what washing machines are for. :-D
  by jgallaway81
Well: I guess, all things considered, that it time to re-activate this thread.

Pat, whats the latest on 18?

(besides, no one else seems interested in posting)
  by BSOR Patarak
The steam manifold that cracked has been repaired. A local machine shop fabricated a whole new piece from one chunk of steel. It will be reinstalled in the spring and a hydro-test completed to return her to steam this season. There are no other major concerns that need attention at this time, only minor things such as perhaps a stay bolt or two. With winter set in, forces in the shop are reduced and pretty much only plowing and freight trains for now.
  by Benjamin Maggi
That is GREAT NEWS! :-)