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  by BSOR Patarak
Some good news about the progress on 18. A successful hydro test was performed on the boiler. This passed indicating no major problems on what was repaired. The cab has been rehung and now crews are working on reinstalling piping and air valves.

I can't give any estimate as to a return to regular service, but I'd wage a guess that if all goes well, it could be next seasong. I wouldn't expect it opening day as there are still a lot of hurdles to get over.

Work done to date include side firebox sheets replaced, about 40-50% of all stays renewed, front and rear tube sheets, new flews installed, major smoke box patches, all new nozzle and draft components installed, new pilot beam, front pony truck and stearing assembly rebuilt and installed, some sring suspension work. As piping and components get reinstalled, everything will have to be inspected and another hydro passed after final reassembly. Air compressors are being rebuilt (or have been and are awaiting delivery). The tender will still need attention prior to return to service. This includes one axle replaced, minor side sheet repair, good cleaning and interior painting.

Though it isn't what some are looking for as far as a date for return to service, at least it is a good step forward in reassembling it.

  by Benjamin Maggi
Thanks for that update. Can't wait to see her under steam again!

  by Otto Vondrak
Is there a steam update for 2007?

  by jgallaway81
MAJOR work has been done, including one of the required hydrostatic tests.

Barring any further complication, 18 should be out this year, however we are waiting till we get closer to completion before any official announcements are made.

  by Benjamin Maggi
That is outstanding news! :-D

  by ATK
There has been a recent post on RYPN from a usual creditable source indicating that the 18 was scheduled to have been test fired Memorial weekend. Did this happen, or will happen soon?

  by WNYP431
No this did not happen, but work is still progressing. Any questions regarding the return of #18 to service should be directed to the Arcade & Attica Railroad office.

We will be more than happy to update her status for you.

  by admiralwolf
I'm not an official of the railway or any such thing - just a railfan. Don't take my word on this, but a few of the crew members on the excursions today did pass on that there is only one last part remaining on #18 - I think they said it was a steam-air compressor (forgive me if I'm off on that). Then there's a test for goverment certification and a paint job and 18 gets to come back.

Now again, I'm not a member of the rail board, but I believe this may bode well for a return to steam before the end of the year.

If I'm wrong, I apologize, but I guess the 4 year old boy inside of me is wanting to see steam again, and I'm hoping the crews were right.

  by WNYP431
You're about right - an Air pump, paint job, and paperwork is about all that's left. The men have worked very hard, and many others have rendered alot of assistance to get this thing back in service. Hopefully it will make a difference, and people will come out and enjoy it once again.

  by Benjamin Maggi
I am sure they will. There is very little competition for steam railroading in New York... especially when there is only one working live steam locomotive in the state. (Actually, I heard a rumor that there might be one in Long Island too).

Oh well, we have waited four years for this moment... a little bit longer to paint her up pretty and make the government folks happy won't hurt.

  by admiralwolf
We'll, we can start getting money together to restore 14 as well... I'll start... I have a $1.50 in my pocket... that probably only leaves us $799,998.50 or so short to get her running again.

Actually, that brings up an interesting question... I'll post it elsewhere though. (Watch for an article titled 'Restoration Fund').

  by admiralwolf
I called the main office last week but I haven't heard back from anyone as of yet regarding if 18 is ready to go back into service. I'm assuming she's not yet there, but I'm crossing my fingers. I am actually having a group of my students come with me this upcoming Saturday to observe (and ride) the excursion for a homework assignment in animation.

I'm kind of hoping to have them see the steam operation, but either way it should make for a good project. If the results turn out niec enough, I'll post links to their work.

  by Freshwater Models
I visited the A&A today and had a look at #18. She looks good and almost complete save a coat of paint. The cab looks great as does the new pilot. She has a few new valves including a valve on the steam turret and a blow down valve. The front windows of the cab look to be origional buit the rest of the cab looks like new parts. The loco looks great but I would have liked to see more restoration to origional appearance but of course that costs $$$.

I inquired at the office and they said that the loco has passed inspections and has been fired and run. They say they are waiting for "the govt" to process papers. I assume this means FRA. They said possibly a fall run if the papers come through in time. They also said they have paint ordered and are waiting for that so they can paint the loco.

It all sounds good and looks good to me!!!!!

Jack Mc Kie

  by thebigham
Is #18 running???

Fall foliage trains are running now.

  by Otto Vondrak
According to their web site at http://www.anarr.com/ it appears they are still using diesels. If #18 was running, I don't think they would keep it a secret!