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  by R36 Combine Coach
The last gen of DMU, the SPV was Amfleet compatible and a SPV would run on the tail end of of some Amfleet
trains to allow through service to New York in the early 80s.

If a DMU variant of the upcoming Alstom coaches appears, it would basically be the proposed M-7 DMU concept
finally come to life.

If these single level coaches have the same dimension as the M-7, they would be perfect a future for LIRR, able to
fit the ESA loading gauge.
R36: Yes-The Budd SPV 2000 cars were basically a powered Amfleet or Metroliner-type car...
They were built to be completely compatible with the Amfleet as most know...

There was something more to the Amtrak NEC move: The NEC train used terminated at Philadelphia
(Train #193 BOS-PHL) leaving NHV at 8:05 PM - Arriving PHL at 11:50 PM...This allowed the Budd Company
to inspect and maintain the SPV 2000 cars under their early 80s warranty period for CTDOT...

The Bombardier M7-type design DMU would be a good application for services on the LIRR such as
the Ronkonkoma-Greenport and South Fork Commuter Connection (Speonk-Montauk) replacing
the short locomotive-hauled one or two car trains now used - for CTDOT the Waterbury Branch looks
to be the best fit for any future DMU cars...

It will be interesting to see the upcoming fact sheets for the new CTDOT cars when they are available...
  by Tadman
R36 Combine Coach wrote: Thu Aug 10, 2023 10:15 pm LIRR used yellow, but the M-9s broke the trend.

Unless the 3-headlight rule since 1997 (added ditchlights) provides sufficient coverage.
So the Brits, who were manic about yellow front ends for safety, have recently said that they will allow darker front ends if the correct light package is chosen. Evidently they find the correct combination of bright flashing lights more effective than yellow paint.

Kind of ironic that they had the worst light packages of any developed nation - it was headlights optional for quite some time.
  by Jeff Smith
NGEC Meeting: PDF

Base order: 60 coaches –19 Cab Cars, 41 Trailer Cars

Includes up to 322 option cars

Base Order Delivery: Spring/Summer 2026 –Summer 2027

2x2 seating for mobility aid access THROUGH all cars

Fully ADA compliant restrooms meeting all RVAAC guidelines

Four bicycle racks provided in every car

Operating speeds up to 125mph

Push-Pull Intercity and Commuter Services

NTP to Alstom: August 04, 2023

STV assisted CTDOT with spec development to reflect service needs

CTDOT engaged with various share holders during spec development: Customers from each of the rail lines in CT, Bicycle Advocates, ADA Advocates

Hatch is our Construction Engineering and Inspection Consultant

CTDOT is using State funding for this procurement, so it is truly a multi-national effort with teams in Canada, India and Mexico, where production will take place

Project Kick Off meeting was in September in New Haven

As we have a very condensed schedule for production, the team is meeting often in an effort to hold the delivery schedule:

Monthly project review in person in New Haven.

Weekly touch point meetings started in December to discuss critical topics.

In preparation for PDR, Technical Discussions have been occurring several times each month to review Alstom’s proposed solutions and how they meet the spec reqs.

Documentation management system has been in place since August 2024.
  by NH2060
They now look a lot more like Japanese EMUs than North American push pull coaches. I have no idea why they have to look so “boxy” looking, but there you have it. Additional graphics on the Alstom website indicate that this is their official single level commuter coach offering, not just a customized ConnDOT offering.

The addition of the small humps on the ends of the roof (as shown in the NGEC PDF) make them look more like the Acela coaches. Link them together and you’ve got a successor to the demotored SPV coach :wink:
  by NaugyRR
I think they just look more like their EMU counterparts, at least they're *slightly* more curved than their predecessors lol. I don't think the UK Electrostar or ScotRail Hitachi EMU look would really fit the NEC.

I wonder if maintaining this form factor has to do with the ability to bury the cabs in consists, and more importantly allow them through to Grand Central if need be (where the Park Avenue tunnels require front doors).
  by Silverliner5
That new revision that made makes it looks more of a M8 on the side but they should've kept that front bumper instead of getting rid of it cause the first picture looked a lot better than this one but that front bumper should've stayed than get removed and I can understand of why they would make the windows bigger especially the drivers side too but is it possible for Alstom to make a EMU version of that coach with the same design?