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  by gaspeamtrak
I have booked a trip using Via Rails 60% off sale in November and scored a great deal!!!
I am going from Aldershot to Montreal on train #740 and connecting in Toronto with #52 and coming back on #65 the same day for a price of $179.20 + $23.30 P.S.T =$202.50!!! Not bad because this includes Business Class both ways!! :)
I have a few questions.
#52 still is using Renaissance cars. Is the consist still baggage,Business class,lounge and about 4 coaches = 7 cars +F40 or P42. pulling (Sorry my question mark key is broken!)
Does anybody have and idea what the consist of #65 is or should be.
On #65 Do you still get any other Spirits or Beer during the trip other than wine for supper. I travelled many years ago and Beer and Spirits were served back then.
What is the first class in Montreal like and are there any snacks, drinks etc...
Again thanks for all the help!!!
  by Montrealrail
VIA 52 are with Renaissance cars

VIA 65 look like this one,LRC cars.

locomotive can be a F40 or a P42,never the same all the time
or both of it :-D
http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.p ... 464&nseq=0

in first class we can have spirits or beer,but I think they sell it,I don't know if they still include wine with the meal..

for menu in the train,have a look here,you can know witch meal you will get on your train,by date and train number
http://www.viarail.ca/fr/infos-utiles/a ... o-montreal
  by mbutte
I made a similar one-day round trip Aldershot to Montreal in the spring of 2009, with the only difference being that I first went from Toronto to Ottawa, had about an hour layover and then continued on Ottawa to Montreal eastbound.

I actually got off at Dorval and rode the AMT commuter train into the former Windsor Station (now call Lucien L'Allier)

While a long day, it was a great ride...
Montrealrail wrote:VIA 52 are with Renaissance cars
in first class we can have spirits or beer,but I think they sell it,I don't know if they still include wine with the meal..
Bar service is still complementary.

VIA1 or “Business Class” in the Evening usually starts with a bar service just as the train is departing and includes beer, wine or spirits. Then along with the meal……a glass of wine which is constantly being “topped-up”

An after dinner drink such is Baileys is offered and I've also seen another pass of the bar-cart depending on the length of the trip. When I’ve been on #68-69 which are 5+ hour runs, I’ve asked for another beer and have never been refused.