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  by DutchRailnut
Only 5 sets of ACMU's left on MNRR. 2 out of HM and 3 from NWP.

As of today, the July 19 Eqpt Cycles are in effect. There will be an Aug 2
revision of the eqpt cycles where one ACMU cycle will cease to run out of NWP,
leaving just 2 sets on each line.

Here's the July 19 cycles:


6/ 720-775
7/ 726-763

7/ 516-573
6/ 522-359-2360-577
7/ 528-2523-layup in NWP after the AM Peak as spare


4/ 706-707-744-727-2770-461-2462-781.
6/ 718-553-580-583-592-597.
8/ 722-2337-338-565.
6/ 732-771-784-791.

6/ 502-2315-316-2517-542-533-562-745-776-777.
8/ 512-515-538-631-668-755.

So, that's it so far as of 7/29/2004.
38 M-7

It's expected that the ACMU's may all be gone by early September.
  by Noel Weaver
VERY interesting information.
Noel Weaver

  by KFRG
Time is ticking away. Dutch, if you could update us after tommorow (8/02) would be great. Im holding off on riding them in revenue service if MNCR will operate an ACMU farewell fantrip.


  by Otto Vondrak
Don't hold off too long!

Fan trpis are fun, but nothing beats a ride in revenue service...


  by njt4172
Could someone give us an update on the status of the 1100's?? Also, what F units are on the branch lines this week??


  by Otto Vondrak
There are two northbound ACMU trips left on the Hudson Line during the evening rush, and maybe four trips on the Harlem Line during the evening rush (I dont have train numbers handy so I cant be more specific). For info on the F-units, check the F-unit thread...


  by mncommuter
I rode the 5:54 pm (ACMU) from GCT to Croton-Harmon last night, and after I got off and was driving north on Rt. 9, I saw a set of 1100s (I assume the same one I just got off of) travelling north at a good clip past the grade crossing just south of the dead line. (Brook St, I believe?)

First of all, they don't normally "yard" cars that far north, do they?
I didn't even think that the 3rd rail went that far.

Any idea where these were headed? From what I could tell while driving, this train was running under it's own power.

  by DutchRailnut
the third rail stops one train lenght north of brookstreet crossing. you probably saw the cars traveling south of crossing on the north(6 & 10) yard lead.
after going tru the wash they back into yard tracks