• A daily passenger train between LA and the Coachella Valley?

  • Discussion related to Amtrak also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corp.
Discussion related to Amtrak also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corp.

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  by Jeff Smith
Too many Sunset Limited choices to revive; if anyone thinks of a thread this should go into, post the link here. For now, I think the topic stands on its own:

http://www.scpr.org/news/2012/01/03/306 ... -between-/

"Brief" quote from brief article:
Caltrans is sponsoring a study in January to explore the possibility of a passenger rail system between L.A. and the Coachella Valley.

Amtrak offers some rail service between the two destinations. But the Sunset Limited is just that — limited. It runs just three days a week between L.A. and Palm Springs. Riverside County and Coachella Valley transportation officials want daily service.

Possibilities include expanding the Sunset Limited to a daily schedule. Another proposal would create a state-backed train service between L.A. and Indio that might also be extended to Phoenix
  by afiggatt
When the news about the Caltrans study on providing service from LA to Palm Springs and Indio first surfaced a few weeks ago, I did a search and found a 2010 Coachella Valley Rail Study Update report which is not a detailed study, but reads more as a overview and briefing document on the plans, previous studies, and issues with running passenger trains to Indio. The big issue being UP cooperation with the report making the point that Amtrak has access rights that are not available to a Mertrolink if Caltrans were to go with a commuter train. The total distance of 141 miles is pretty far for a commuter train setup. The report is at http://www.cvag.org/Trans/pdffiles/Pass ... -18-10.pdf

With California getting at least 42 new bi-level corridor cars, one of the reasons behind doing a new updated study is that they now have the option to order additional cars to support the service.
  by Jeff Smith

Cross-posting to Amtrak; I can move back if this changes.
PALM SPRINGS -- Although budget restraints mean it could be several years before Amtrak provides daily round-trip train service between the Coachella Valley and Los Angeles, what's offered now is a start.

The Sunset Limited train currently pulls into Palm Springs three days a week as it travels between Los Angeles and New Orleans.

"We live in an area where coming to the Coachella Valley should be really an easy thing and sometimes it's not, but rail travel, I mean here we are, could this be any better?" said Judy Vossler, senior vice president of the Palm Springs Desert Resort Communities Convention & Visitors Authority.

Vossler was among a group of Valley leaders who were invited by the nonprofit Southwest Rail Passenger Association to ride the Sunset Limited in an effort to promote better train service for the Valley.
  by Jeff Smith
Some movement; while it's the Sunset line, I don't think this would be part of that service, just an extra, daily train.

Supervisors approve expanded Amtrak service in county
RIVERSIDE — Riverside County supervisors voted Tuesday to back a proposal to establish daily Amtrak railroad service in the Coachella Valley.

In a 4-0 vote — with Supervisor Jeff Stone absent — the board rallied behind a Coachella Valley Association of Governments' resolution urging Amtrak to move ahead with its Sunset Limited expansion plan.

Under the plan, Amtrak would schedule daily passenger stops in the Coachella Valley on its Los Angeles-to-San Antonio line.