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  by byte
The MP36s weigh so much that I think that weight would bounce right off. :wink:

  by metra 613
That will be nice f40c fan let see all of them get lost like that :-D

  by MetraF40C607
I don't think we could have such luck.

  by metra 613
Yea i know but that is a nice dream

  by bones
409 arrived at Western Ave. on Mon afternoon. No I don't know when it'll turn a wheel.

  by Scotty Burkhardt
i assume that 409 is roaming the milw. lines. any varification?

  by MetraBNSF
Two or three mornings ago I saw 409 pushing a MILW district train past Western Ave toward CUS. Not sure of the train number, but was making good speed.

  by c604.
Though not exactly roaming, more like sitting :wink:, 409 was the protect engine down at the north side of CUS today.

  by metraRI
409 is now back on RI. It ran today on trains 505, 513, 519, and 705.

  by byte
I wonder if the 409 was run at top speed on its first trip past the derailment site, or run slowly through the area by a cautious engineer, you know, just in case... :wink: