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  by PRRGuy
For those of you that haven't seen it yet.. Here's the new Wire car and reel trailor car at the shops. It's been working near Penn/Wabash bridge this week.


  by Tadman
You know the old days at South Shore are really over when they buy a new multi-million dollar piece of equipment for maintenance. Thirty years ago, they would have bought some CTA cars ready for scrap, re-wired 'em for 1500v, and put a platform and pantograph on the roof... I gotta say, I'm very impressed with how modern the cheeky little interurban is becoming, but it's little quirky stuff like 1100 and orange sheds that made CSS so loveable. If we lose all the quirky and unique stuff, South Shore becomes something like a mini PRR Harrisburg line.

  by CSS&SB702
Seeing what they did to the old Shops building still makes me cry. :(

  by Tadman
Don't even get me started on that one...

  by dinwitty
what is its number, 1101?

  by PRRGuy
The "CMT" is MTW-100. The reel car is RT-100.