Wellsboro, Indiana, located about 65 miles east of Chicago in northwest Indiana, is a well-known railfan hotspot. It is where CSX’s ex-B&O Garrett Sub crosses CN’s GTW Battle Creek main. A C&O branch to New Buffalo, Michigan once crossed here as well, but now feeds in from the south and is owned by the C&I shortline. During the first week of June, 2014, a new diamond was badly needed on the south CSX track, prompting a slow order to be placed on that track. The CN trains, however, had no such slow order. Here we see a CN train rock and roll across the diamond and a CSX train creep across it. Note the the yellow signs for the temporary speed restriction.



The new diamond is lying on the northwest quadrant and will be installed soon. Local legend has it that CSX will be building a connector track on the northwest quadrant so that CN can use trackage rights into Barr Yard. The GTW searchlight signals are being replaced for this purpose. Stay tuned for more changes from Wellsboro-one of Indiana’s railfan hotspots.

Railroad.net Upgrades Its Widely Popular Forum

May 26, 2013

The Railroad.net forum is one of the strongest and longest standing Railroad communities in the world. The forum has over 76,000 topics which have accrued over 1.06 million posts. Over Memorial Day weekend, the technology which powers the Railroad.net forum was given a major upgrade. The new forum is greatly improved and it also corrected [...]

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CSX Double-TRacking 1998 Part 1

March 24, 2013

In 1998, I again followed CSX’s mainline across northern Indiana and Ohio to record the double-tracking and upgrading. Wellsboro, Indiana, where the GTW and C&O crossed had been simplified; the C&O diamonds were removed and the signals replaced.   Farther east, at Garrett, Indiana, the old B&O yard had been re-ballasted and the signals replaced. [...]

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CSX Re-Double-Tracking 1997 Part 3

March 6, 2013

In Part 3 of our 1997 trip along CSX’s Cumberland mainline, we come to Greenwich, Ohio, where CSX crossed Conrail’s ex-Big Four “Bee Line” from Cleveland to Terre Haute, Indiana. No connecting tracks existed at this time, but CSX would inherit the “Bee Line” in the Conrail break-up in 1999. Within a year, connecting tracks [...]

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CSX Re-Double-Tracking 1997 Part 2

February 26, 2013

Continuing our trek along CSX’s ex-B&O mainline, we come to Hamler, Ohio. Here CSX crosses the former Detroit Toledo & Ironton RR, that has just been transferred to the Indiana & Ohio Railway. The track gang was still re-laying the second track, which would help with the increased rail traffic from the future Conrail break-up. [...]

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CSX Re-Double-Tracking in 1997

February 10, 2013

In 1997, CSX  was re-installing the second track on their former B&O mainline between Chicago and Deshler, Ohio. They were anticipating freight traffic to double after the Conrail break-up. Sadly, this also resulted in the classic color position signals being replaced. On August 6, 1997, I filmed the track gang adding the second track at [...]

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Iowa in Danger of Losing Passenger Rail Grant

January 3, 2013

According to local Iowa sources, the coming year is an important time for the future of Iowa’s passenger rail system. In 2010, more than $200 in federal funding was approved for a project which would create rail service between Iowa City and Chicago within the decade. However, the federal funding did not come without its [...]

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