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  by admiralwolf

I was actually doing some reading up on things at the A&A during my lunch breaks the last week or so at work, and of the the things I was thinking was how much I'd love a crack at re-designing the site.

I actually do that professionally and I also teach college classes on the subject, but I decided that, for the heck of it I would just take a shot. Please note, I didn't have access to any actual production assets, but I could use the feedback because I might use this as a mock-up project for my students.

Let me know what you think (and if anyone at the ANARR itself likes this design, you're welcome to use it or elements from it... again, I was just bored).


Click the link below - it'll take you to my site (http://www.gregawarski.com) and you'll see a preview mockup as a JPEG

Credits to this site for the source of #18
http://www.railfan.net/cgi-bin/fanthumb ... fan/arcade

  by Otto Vondrak
Talk to jgallaway81, he's the current webmaster. I'm sure he'd appreciate your help and feedback.


  by admiralwolf
Will do, thanks for the feedback.